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So now, let's give away some money! Jonathan lets the Council confer on whom to award the Gold Star, and after a moment, Anjay stands to make the announcement: "This person has worked really hard and doesn't complain about anything." Which eliminates Greg and Zach. "And makes everyone feel loved and encouraged," he adds, so it's even less surprising than it would have been to find out that this week's winner is Morgan. Her tearful speech from the front of the room: "I have the best friends in the world, and I'll never leave you, I promise." In your face, Cody! But she's going to be bummed in about twenty-seven days. Everyone applauds, and there's a shot of Michael sitting next to Sophia, just to remind us that three of four Gold Star winners thus far have been from the Green team. As Jonathan sends her off to call her parents, Morgan interviews that she hasn't thought as much about the money as about how proud her parents will be. "It's the greatest feeling in the world," she says. Jonathan dismisses the meeting: "You're building a world. Now back to your bunks!" That cracks me up.

Morgan gets her dad on the phone and tells him all about the Gold Star, and that she won it. Her dad does a very convincing job of acting surprised for the reenactment cameras. Her mom doesn't quite sell it as well, and her dad interviews that he's sure Morgan got the Gold Star for her helpfulness. "That's just who she is," he says. Morgan interviews that she was right -- having her parents proud of her is indeed the best feeling in the world. You'd think she'd be used to that by now.

Not feeling so great? Campbell, who sits alone in the saloon drinking his root beer one shot at a time to the accompaniment of a mournful slide guitar. He admits that he too is homesick, but he's going to "stick it out for Cody."

Once again, Jared provides the entertainment for the closing credits, as he appears to have set up his own mini golf course in the middle of the street. Except it's more micro golf than mini golf, as it consists of a loose board for a club, a white jawbreaker for a ball, and a jar lying on its side in the mud to serve as the hole. Campbell looks on in bemusement, probably missing Cody more than ever.

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