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Alex interviews that there shouldn't be so much "arguments and yucky stuff" about the issue, so he takes it upon himself to conduct a survey of the town's religion, probably in hopes of forestalling further "violennnnce." He compares the religious hoo-hah to the story of the Tower of Babel. I would like to remind you, in case you have forgotten, that Alex is nine. I'm not used to hearing this level of insight come from a mouth that has one front tooth in it. The final results: a Christian majority, "a few" Jews, one Hindu, and three atheists. "I classified them together," Alex apologizes (as though there's really a Dawkins faction and a Gould faction or something), "and a few other people were 'other.'"

So now it's time for the religious service. The Council stands next to the door of the chapel, ringing the bell and calling everyone to worship. And every single other person in the entire town has something better to do. Savannah says she's used to Pentecostal services and doesn't want to go to one "with Jewish people or atheist people." Or bastard people, presumably. Kelsey interviews that she knows a little "about Jewish," but has no idea about Hinduism. "Do they worship spirits or something?" she giggles. "People are being a little narrow-minded here," Laurel interviews, as the Council finally gets the clue and gives up. Good thing, too; it looked like they were fully prepared to stand there yelling and ringing that bell until God stuck His head out of His door and said, "Will you please?"

In the kitchen, it's still a matter of discussion as Greg argues that small groups getting together are fine, but he's not in favor of a set service. You know what I'm in favor of, Greg? Indoor voices. Those are good. Eric agrees with Greg, which Anjay angrily calls "selfish." Maybe if Anjay could just get together with all the other Hindus in town -- oh, right. Morgan interviews that this issue could tear the town apart. Which I'm sure is the last thing the producers had in mind when they planted it.

So after dark, when everyone's in their pajamas and about to go to bed, Morgan quietly goes from bunkhouse to bunkhouse quietly inviting people to join a totally informal prayer session outside, but only if they want to. Divad interviews that Morgan made everyone feel comfortable about it. And as Morgan leads a little group down the street that includes Olivia and Mallory, another boy suggests asking Zach to join them to say a Jewish prayer. Morgan says that would be great, as though it never occurred to her before now. And just like that, this multi-faith thing is off the ground. Morgan leads a fairly large group (including the whole Council, by the way) in some informal prayer as they gather around a lantern that's been set on a barrel. A lot of kids say something (including Mike). Zach serves as Cantor, and interviews that Morgan deserves a Gold Star for bringing the town together. While still at the meeting, a boy named Pharaoh is in tears as he tells us how touched he was by people of different beliefs being a part of it. Now, honestly, was that so hard? Morgan calls it "a great accomplishment for Bonanza." I call it a great accomplishment for Morgan. What? I can't give credit where it's due?

Day 12. DK interviews that he and the Red team are doing all the hard work for a ten-cent salary. And indeed, it looks weird to see non-Green people carrying water and so forth. I was beginning to think that's what the color green means. I'll be sitting at a traffic light and people behind me will start honking and I realize that when the light changed I started cleaning out my glove compartment. In the candy store, the Blue team girl running the cash register busts on DK's inability to afford a jar of jellybeans on his meager salary and cackles, "I feel sorry for you guys." The look DK gives her is better than anything he could actually say. And what I would like to say is that of all the things about Bonanza City no kid ever would have come up with, this class structure tops the list.

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