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The showdown begins. What can I tell you about competitive jigsaw puzzle assembly? Blue and Red appear to take an early lead, with Green bringing up the rear, as they do. It's general confusion over there, as usual. Morgan interviews that although the Green team is pretty smart, little Alex and Mallory have outsized brains for their little bodies. And indeed, we see that it's the two youngest Blues leading the team on this challenge rather than Blaine or Anjay or even Greg, whose CV apparently has a glaring omission where his jigsaw puzzle factory experience should be. The editing suggests that Blue finishes its puzzle only seconds before Red, but I don't know how reliable that is. Both teams rush to their wheels and start turning. There's some kind of cruel gear ratio on those things, because despite the wheels being spun very quickly, the puzzles are rising veeeeery slowly. Greg turns the Blue wheel by himself, because they soon realize that more hands on the wheel are not an advantage. Blue holds onto its lead and finishes first, returning them to the Upper Class. Red finishes shortly thereafter and becomes the Merchants.

With five minutes left -- because it's taking them nearly a half hour to put together a damn jigsaw puzzle with pieces the size of their torsos -- Green and Yellow seem just about even. "I don't know what goes wrong, but something always goes wrong," Laurel interviews. Well, she did pick her team based on individual leadership ability. Could she just have too many captains on the bridge? In any event, Yellow finishes its puzzle first. Sophia ruefully interviews about Green's unambitious yet perfectly noble goal: "We just wanted to rub Yellow's face in the dirt. We just really, really wanted them to be laborers." Is that so wrong? With two minutes left, Green and Yellow are both cranking up, and it might just be possible for the bigger kids on Green to pass up Yellow. Michael interviews that nobody wants the Yellow team to be the cooks again, for obvious reasons. But Yellow takes third. Taylor is typically magnanimous in victory during a post-challenge interview: "If y'all don't like our food, y'all can just starve yourselves, 'cause too bad." Yes, that's the kind of attitude that's going to make the new Bonanza City successful where the previous attempt failed. There were just too many people prepared to feed the town back then. Green finishes with nearly a full minute still on the clock, meaning the town won its reward. So that's the good news.

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