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It's time to get a meal together, and naturally, the only member of the Yellow team in the kitchen is Zach. Oops, hang on, there's Kelsey, who was probably just wandering by on her way back from trying out some other religions, and decided upon seeing the crowd of irritated members of other districts that she ought to stick around. Mike interviews that Yellow is shirking and Taylor isn't doing anything about it (which is not actually true -- she's ringleading the shirking). Zach interviews that Taylor isn't keeping her promise to work hard. And then Laurel and Morgan head across the street to lay a little verbal smackdown on Taylor. Which she doesn't even bother to pretend to care about, as she sits at her table in the Saloon with her sycophants, tittering into her shot glass. I really hope Taylor's parents put her in charge of dishes for forty days after she gets home. After getting nowhere with their attempts to shame Taylor off of her little beauty-queen ass, Laurel and Morgan leave, realizing they can't make Taylor do anything. Well, seriously. What kind of "world" are they supposed to build when the kit that the adults provided them didn't provide any disincentives for goofing off?

At some point, Zach has the kitchen to himself again, presumably after lunch service has finished. And it's a veritable dish holocaust in there. Zach vows to go out and round up every single person he sees, "And they're going to do these dishes, whether they like it or not."

First up for the dish draft is Mike, who was going to do a little light religious reading, but Zach talks him into helping. The next kid flatly turns Zach down at first, but then agrees. Things don't go as well with Blaine, who mutters, "Yeah, I don't know, maybe," and then runs away, making Zach chase after him.

But ultimately, Zach seems to have assembled quite a force to handle the dishes, and he thanks everyone for their help. In fact, enough people are there to turn it into a social event, as we see everyone laughing and flicking dishwater at each other. Way more fun than sitting in the saloon drinking root beer shots with Taylor. Laurel interviews that Zach is doing a great job, and deserves Gold Star consideration. She adds that Zach is a good leader for Yellow. "Maybe even a better leader than Taylor," she ventures. Wow, don't go too far out on that limb there.

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