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When everyone wakes up on Day 13, something weird is going on. For one thing, you've got "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" from The Nutcracker on the soundtrack. And for another, you've got snow falling outside. Different kids have different reactions to it. "Crap. I hate snow," Mike whispers at the window. Which got him some grief on the boards, but I remember a winter when I was his age that never seemed to end, and I'm still not entirely over it. But that was in Minnesota, of course, so there you go. Mallory tries to catch some snowflakes on her tongue. Somebody rides Sophia's bike through the snowy street. Jared stands outside and yells, "I wanna become a snowman!" Try less talking, then. Actually, that might be a good general rule for Jared.

Unsurprisingly, the snow doesn't seem to last long. Which means that instead of a becoming a magical white landscape, the town is pretty much full of extra-cold mud. The Council sits in the Saloon to discuss the Gold Star. Laurel nominates Zach, for obvious reasons. "And he's one of the few people on the Yellow team working," Mike loudly remarks. Taylor's face is like, I'm sitting right here. Nobody cares. She actually has the nads in an interview to say that Zach is "kind of bossy." Maybe Taylor should deal with that. Anjay brings up Morgan, and that's someone else Laurel can get behind. Mike agrees in an interview that Morgan has stepped up, and has become like a mother to the town. Laurel also suggests Greg, and Taylor agrees that Greg's a good worker. And Anjay points out that Greg was invaluable in the Showdown: "He was able to turn the crank to get it up before Red did." Like Mike needs another reason to hate Greg. And in the interview, Mike repeats his theory that working for the Gold Star should make you ineligible for it. Never get tired of that one. The editors give us shots of the contenders -- Greg, Morgan, Zach -- so we can think about it during the commercial, while the Council looks pensive.

Town Hall meeting. In an interview, Greg admits that he doesn't know who will get the Gold Star this week. He says both he and Zach have been doing well, so it'll be "interesting." Plus we haven't seen Greg shove or yell at anyone all episode, so anything is possible. The meeting starts as it usually does, with Jonathan asking everyone if they approve of the Council's performance. A minority of hands goes up. The disapproval ratings are much higher. Olivia is the first to speak: "Some of them are not showing strong enough leadership, and the other ones are just not working hard enough in my opinion." Plus they gave her little sister $20,000 for her birthday last week, so Olivia's clearly got an axe to grind. Pharaoh says that Taylor doesn't work as hard as the other Council members, which has to sting given that Pharaoh is on Taylor's team. Zach stands to say that Taylor has leadership skills -- she's just using them for evil instead of good. Taylor snaps at him to sit down: "Uh, you're...gonna be scrubbin' toilets with the Green team!" You think Taylor's parents invited all the neighbors over to watch their little girl on TV every week when this show started? I bet they don't do that any more. Zach refuses to be cowed: "Stop threatening us, Taylor!" he yells, telling her that isn't her job. Jonathan cheerfully remarks to Taylor, "You either have a really thick skin or you just don't listen. Doesn't it get to you?" Taylor: "A little, but not much." So Jonathan decides to move on. Of course he does. The last thing we want is for any of this to get resolved.

The next item of business is whether anyone wants to go home. The camera finds some likely quitters, and Cody makes it official when he raises his hand. The whole room is devastated -- much worse than when Jimmy left. Taylor, in particular, looks much more wounded by this defection than by the general agreement that she sucks. However will she reallocate her team's resources to cover Cody's share of the slacking off? Cody tearfully says that this is the longest he's ever been away from his family. Jonathan calls Cody up to ask if leaving is good or bad. Cody says it's both: on the one hand, he's going to see his family, but on the other, "I'm never gonna see the friends I made here ever again." Whoa, that's heavy. He's already that certain that the ratings aren't gong to be high enough to justify a reunion show? "I'm sorry for all of the people that supported me," he says, "but I can't stay here any longer." There isn't a dry eye in the house (except for Jonathan's) as he hugs Cody, just as he didn't hug Jimmy. Cody also stops to hug his buddy Campbell on his way out, and Campbell lets Morgan hold him comfortingly. "He was my best bud," Campbell says after Cody's gone. Jonathan asks if Campbell's going to press on without him, and Campbell promises to try. They still have thirty-eight kids at the end of four episodes, which means this season is never going to end.

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