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Taking Out The Trash

Town Hall meeting. Jonathan welcomes the new Council members, and calls out Mike and Taylor to ask how it feels to watch the Council on high from down among the lowly groundlings. Mike speaks first, saying that he's bummed about not having as much power as he used to have. So, he has a negative amount of power now? Taylor gets to her feet, which, amazingly enough at this point, still appear to have room for one more self-inflicted bullet hole. Which she forthwith gives herself, smiling that it's a relief that she doesn't have to deal with the pressure of being on the Council, and can "work normal like a boy or a girl here." This gets the town-wide belly laugh it deserves, and DK volunteers, "Like, Taylor, man, you ain't got to do that!" Laurel rather schoolmarmishly points out that Taylor didn't do her job. "I'm not hauling water," Taylor says. Or moving garbage, or washing dishes. Or pretty much anything else that wasn't her idea. Guylan says he made seven trips to the pump and back despite having less upper-body strength than Taylor. Okay, this brings up my point from earlier: if everyone else but Taylor made as many trips as Guylan to fill the tank, that's over 250 trips. Taylor would still be doing it by now. Rather than pointing this out, Taylor barks, "Shut up, Guylan!" Also a compelling argument. Suddenly everyone's voicing a complaint about Taylor. Jonathan's voice cuts into the fray as he asks if Taylor will change like everyone seems to want her to. Taylor says she'll try, but she's phoning it in now, and even if she hadn't done the air-quotes around "try," everyone knows it. Everyone except DK, who says that's all Taylor needs to do. Which is true, if she ever does it, which she won't. Sophia snarls at her, "Why are you here if you're just eating our food? Go home!" Yikes. Everyone else is yelling too, and DK, who's been looking like he's about to crawl out of his skin at any minute, finally stands and yells at everyone to chill and stop being so mean. "Y'all are disgusting me right now," he says into the abashed silence. "Yeah, please stop the criticism," Taylor says, not helping herself at all. As DK sits down, she calls out that she loves him. Is this what screws up DK's Gold Star? Clearly not, because the Council seems more impressed with DK than ever.

So it's time for the big question Jonathan didn't ask last week, which is whether anyone wants to go home. "Is it too hard for some of you? Is the criticism too much?" Not a leading question at all there. Shot of Taylor. Eric. DK. Taylor. Town. Taylor. DK. Leila. DK. And DK raises his hand. The town becomes one giant WTF face. Guylan interviews, "Oh my God! He can't leave!" Because for the first time in history, they don't have a clear runner-up for the Gold Star! Aaaaah!

Back from commercials, Jonathan asks DK why he wants to go home. Jonathan seems genuinely puzzled, probably because up until now, going home has been for the kids with single-digit ages. Other kids are already crying. DK stands and says that he can't stand any more of the drama. Guylan interviews that he wanted DK to just wait for five minutes. Getting teary himself, DK says he's tired of having to deal with it all. "It's f-- it's frustrating," he says, like he was about to say something else. DK interviews that it wasn't all about Taylor, but all the general negativity that made him feel like he was the only one trying to make the town better. Guylan interviews that it's up to him to try to keep DK there. Funny, I don't think anyone else got that chance when there wasn't $20,000 in the balance. But Guylan asks for a minute to talk to DK, and he gets it.

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