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Taking Out The Trash

After the call, in the street, Guylan asks DK, "Aren't you glad you stayed now?" Translation: Can I borrow a couple thou someday? There's a big celebration in the saloon, and Guylan says this represents a milestone for kids. "United we stand, divided we fall," he says. I think he means the whole experiment, not his success in convincing DK to stick around. I think. DK gives a speech thanking Guylan for making him realize that he can't run from his problems, and interviews that he's glad he stayed. Why wouldn't he be? He can always leave at the next meeting, and he'll be twenty thousand dollars richer then.

Under this week's closing credits, DK and Guylan walk arm-in-arm down the street, Guylan calling DK the closest thing he has to a big brother. DK asks if Guylan has a real big brother back home, and Guylan admits that he doesn't. DK chuckles, probably because he has, like, three of them.

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