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Taking Out The Trash

Afterwards, DK has a one-on-one with Guylan, who apparently spent the balance of the time sitting by one of the wagons feeling sorry for himself. Shortest post-election honeymoon ever. DK tells Guylan that it's up to him now to prove that the Red team didn't elect him for nothing. Guylan interviews that DK is like a big brother to him, and DK says his figurative door is always open if Guylan ever wants to talk. Alas, DK does not add, "Can you dig it?"

Eric and another kid make a pump run. And when they get their full pails to the town water tank, they find it completely empty. Uh, how did that happen? Whatever; Laurel just got the perfect idea for Taylor's punishment. The Council stalks the streets looking for Taylor, and finds her pouting on a porch, overcome with remorse. Or maybe entitled petulance. It's hard to tell. Laurel tells Taylor that as punishment for refusing to help with the trash project, she now has to haul water until she's filled up the tank by herself. Okay, I understand that they're mad, but that's kind of harsh. That's a big tank, dude. Taylor couldn't fill that tank even if you stuffed her in it. Taylor doesn't move, until Laurel says, "Like, now." Whereupon Taylor chirps, "Sure!" and picks up the buckets. She starts the long walk of shame to the pump, weepily calling the Council "dictators" (now that she isn't on it anymore) and saying she's not big or strong enough for this job. As she pumps out her first two pails, DK interviews that they were all willing to give Taylor a chance to prove herself. And then Taylor, walking back with the pails, sets them on the ground, calls out to Zach, deliberately tips the water over into the dirt, and snots, "Oops, my bad," walking away from the dumped buckets. "And she completely ruined it," DK concludes. Oh, I wouldn't say that. I'd say Taylor just proved herself plenty.

Back from commercials, Anjay goes running to Laurel to help him and Zach deal with Taylor. In the doorway of the Yellow girls' bunkhouse, the Council confronts Taylor (with Leila hanging around as well for some reason). Laurel hearkens back to her friendship and comfort to Taylor at the beginning, and Taylor blames Zach and Guylan for making it "torture" ever since they took over. Which was, you will recall, yesterday. Taylor tries to walk out, but Zach and Anjay hold the door shut, Zach calmly telling her she needs to stay. That's not cool. Taylor decides to go out the back instead. She's almost out before Anjay runs up to the door and slams it shut in front of her, leaning his body against it to hold it closed. Okay, over the line. Anjay knows it, too, which might explain the terrified grin he's sporting right now. "ANJAY!" Taylor screams at him, and kicks at his shins. Laurel wisely calls off Anjay and advises Taylor to "take a walk and cool off." And if Taylor accidentally walks to Albuquerque or something, so much the better. We see Taylor storming through the town, sobbing that she's going home. She's followed by Leila, who tells her, "Stop running away from people."

Having witnessed the scene from behind a dishwashing basin, DK interviews that this is no way to build a town. And since they still don't have any water, they're trying to wash the dishes in what has essentially become sludge. So DK decides that it's time for an all-town bucket brigade. Taylor and Leila watch through the window as what looks like every other kid in town volunteers to do the job that she refused to even start.

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