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Taking Out The Trash

Back from commercials, Jonathan frames it as a choice between "Mother Earth and fossil fuels," like, whatever. These choices are getting more forced every week. Although I can't wait to see what they offer them to try to get them to turn down Chap-Stick someday. Sophia calls after the Council about how she doesn't want to contribute to global warming. Some of the kids cheer in support, so it looks like the buggies are not be as popular as the noisy minority might indicate.

Deliberations. Anjay points out that the vitamins from the produce will give people more energy to work, although he says that the buggies would be helpful in fetching water. I suspect they'd be more helpful in creating a damp, muddy trail between the town and the pump, but points to Anjay for thinking of a practical use for a fun reward choice. Laurel agrees that they could use some fun. Especially since they always pick the not-fun option. But when they return, Guylan announces that they're going with the fruits and veggies. "You guys are dull-minded as hell," Colton snaps bitterly at Zach, and Taylor adds, "I'm gonna hate you for the rest of your life!" Zach just smiles, because that's not exactly news. The kids swarm the crate and start digging in, double-fisting the produce. Sorry, that sounds really dirty. Is that all they get, just what they can carry in their bean-smeared little fingers? Laurel interviews that her parents will be surprised and proud at her choice, and Jonathan sends everyone back to their bunks. Which, again, seems a little dirty, given the number of them who are holding cucumbers.

On the morning of Day 18, the Council summons the town to the job board. Red is happy to be Upper Class, Green is pleased to still be Merchants, and Anjay's a big downer about being the Laborers. "We only get ten cents, so what," he mutters. Laurel tells him to cheer up. Zach reminds Yellow that they're cooks again, and that he assigned Sophie, Leila, and Taylor to dish detail. "No!" Taylor snaps. "Yeah," Zach chuckles back at her. The meeting breaks up, and Taylor and Leila head to the kitchen first, deciding that they're going to make fruit salad, "just for the fun of it," instead of the dishes. So I guess they did get the full supply of produce, assuming this isn't going to be some kind of pretend fruit salad made out of rocks and sticks. DK interviews that he wanted to tell Taylor and Leila to straighten out, but that's really the Council's job.

So let's see how the Council does at that. After an establishing shot of a veritable wall of filthy dishes waiting to be attended to, Zach finds Taylor and Leila cutting up pineapples and bananas. When he tells them the dishes are ready, they say they're making fruit salad. "Can you wait 'til later for that?" Zach asks, a touch more reasonably than they deserve. So of course they bite his head off, Leila screaming frustratedly, "We just started, Zach! What do you expect us to do, not do it?!" That's a big ten-four, Leila. Taylor tries to argue that she' s proving she's not lazy by making fruit salad for the whole town, but Zach isn't fooled. With Laurel having somehow materialized at his side, Zach informs the girls that they aren't going to get paid if they don't do their assigned jobs. That actually kind of shuts Taylor up, but Zach continues, "You can forget about the Gold Star." Walking out, he unnecessarily adds, "FOREVER!" Following him out, Laurel heartily says, "Zach? Good job." No shit. I've only been suggesting that for a month now.

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