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Emilie interviews that as part of the Upper Class, she and her Red teammates don't have to work if they don't want to. So we see her, and Eric (from Green), and another little kid (who can continue wearing his glasses or his grown-out mohawk, but not both) running around in the street throwing water and soda at each other. DK comes around the corner in time to spot this display and react with a disgusted expression, but not in time to prevent the mohawked kid from running into an upturned barrel and bashing his knee hard enough that he freezes, then drops to the dust whimpering like a kicked puppy. Emilie takes advantage of that moment of sickening immobility to pour more soda on him, of course. I bet she wouldn't be that mean to a chicken. DK comes up and, without even bothering to take his hands out of his coat pockets, gives them all a dressing-down for being "reckless and stupid" and "acting like a bunch of hyenas." The other kids start bickering about who started it, as Laurel and Sophia notice the scene from the far end of the street. "Oh, dear God," Sophia grumbles. Laurel interviews that DK is amazing, as DK yells at the kids that he's not going to deal with this situation, they are. And then, by way of not dealing with it, he stands over them glaring until they apologize to each other. Well, actually the boy says to Emilie, "I forgive you," which is as close to an apology as one ten-year-old is ever going to give another. DK proceeds on his way, because there are still several other parts of town in which he has not yet been awesome today.

DK back story, as he interviews that he has six siblings and that his mom taught them all how behave. I daresay that she also taught him by example how to talk to a bunch of kids who are being reckless and stupid and running around like a bunch of hyenas. He says all the arguing and fighting around the town "just gets old." Maybe his mom should have let him watch more reality TV before sending him on this. But if he really isn't used to arguing after living with six other kids, I'm not about to criticize his mother's parenting skills. Damn.

That night, in one of the bunkhouses, Zach has a heart-to-heart with DK in which DK admits that the people in town are driving him crazy. "It sucks," he interviews, and then back with Zach, he makes a sudden, angry, backhand striking motion that's very abrupt and a tiny bit scary. Not sure where that came from.

Day 19. Laurel welcomes Guylan and Zach to their first Gold Star deliberation meeting. Guylan is all excited, but Zach looks like he's just realizing for the first time that winning the election last week took him out of the running to win $20,000. Oooops. At least it's a short meeting, as the council quickly and unanimously agrees that the Gold Star should go to DK. Funny, the editors normally don't let us in on the final decision in advance. Golly, I sure hope that doesn't mean something is going to go wrong!

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