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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

All the kids are lined up outside the town council chambers, because, as Laurel explains, they want to make sure the kids know their voices are being heard when it's time to decide who gets the gold star. Points to the council for figuring out that people like to have a voice when it comes to decisions that involve them. Points deducted for not realizing that it's going to backfire when you listen to what the kids have to say and make the opposite decision anyway.

Blaine says, big surprise, that he thinks Greg should get it. Greg votes (and it's obviously not an actual vote, but I think some of the kids might have been under the impression it was) for himself. There are a couple of endorsements of Morgan, including from Michael, and Colton says Greg deserves the star. Morgan herself says all the kids deserve a star, so the council just needs to choose wisely. Ugh. Laurel, for one, completely falls for that crap. "I say she's our winner." "I say Greeeeg," sing-songs Taylor.

Hold on, you two. Don't you hear that moving tinkly piano music playing as Olivia comes in? She'd like to nominate her sister, who always keeps a smile on her face even when she doesn't get the job she wants. Laurel apparently already knows tomorrow's going to be Mallory's birthday, and after Olivia leaves, says, "I'm going to feel so bad if we don't give it to her." In an interview, Olivia says she's really worried Mallory's going to feel really homesick on her birthday. Again, I'm going to be more surprised if Mallory's the only one who has a birthday over the course of the show. And I ask this, too: do the other homesick kids at least have their big sisters in Bonanza City with them? Never mind. As soon as that mournful piano starting plinking, this was obviously a done deal.

Taylor's still on board the Greg train, but that ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Anjay thinks Greg's still a jerk, and Mike doesn't weigh in here, but we know how he feels about Greg. Nobody's got anything bad to say about Morgan, though. The council decides to sleep on the decision. Maybe they're hoping Greg will "help" wake everyone up tomorrow, and when he accidentally kills one of the other kids, that'll make their decision easier.

Jonathan summons everybody to the town hall and asks how life in Bonanza City is. Sandstorms, crappy food, tipped-over naturally, everyone obediently says life is good. Laurel decides to call out the yellow team, since the green team washed more dishes in the kitchen in one day than the yellow team did in their entire time there. Taylor snottily says, "We earned upper class, and I don't care if people are mad at us or not." How that retroactively excuses them from doing the work they were supposed to do is anyone's guess, and Olivia's the one to point that out: "Even when you did have a job, ya didn't work," she says, to much applause. Again, Taylor misses the point and says being upper class means they can do what they want. When Olivia says being upper class doesn't make her the queen, Taylor says she is a pageant queen, and adds, "The upper class is king and queen of the jobs." Every time she opens her mouth, she stokes the rebellion. One kid stands up to say he's getting a little tired of "deal with it," and another warns her that soon enough, the town's going to make a decision she doesn't like, and she'll know what it's like.

Sophia asks how many people disapprove of the job council's doing, as Taylor starts to cry. Several kids raise their hands, and there is silence for a moment while Taylor sniffles. Are they ashamed for making Taylor cry? Do they think they've gone too far? Nope. Sophia screams, "Re-election!" A little cheer goes up, and someone yells, "Taylor, you're doing a bad job! Deal with it!" Ha! Then the crowd goes quiet again as Taylor continues to cry. She finally says she's sorry, but no one's too impressed. Sophia and some older kid want to know what she's going to do about it. "We're going to start helping clean up the town," she says, earning applause from the kids, which makes her smile.

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