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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

Next up, Jonathan asks if anyone wants to go home, and the camera zooms in on Cody and Mallory. When neither of them speaks up, Jonathan congratulates the kids, and everyone claps. In an interview, Mallory says she really wanted to go home, but decided not to because she has her sister with her on this adventure, "and we're in it together." Awww. Goddamn, I think I'm going to cry again.

Gold star time. Who will it be? Whom will the council, in its infinite wisdom, reward this time? Will it be Morgan, the hard-working mother figure who whipped the kitchen into shape? Will it be Greg, the potty-mouthed sulker who, when work needs to be done, is always there to do the dirty jobs? Well, as far as we know, it's not Greg's or Morgan's birthday today, so the gold star is going to Mallory. It looks to me like Morgan was expecting the star; the smile fades from her face. Greg takes less trouble to hide his disappointment, and chews on his bottom lip.

Mallory gives a short speech about how surprised she is, and Anjay explains to everyone they wanted to recognize someone who's a little below "eye level." Jonathan hands over the key so she can go call her parents, and she skips out of the town hall. In an interview, Greg grouses that the award should be about who does the most for Bonanza City: "She got that star purely because it's her birthday." He's not being entirely fair -- from what we've seen, Mallory does work hard -- but he's not far off, either. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that if it hadn't been Mallory's birthday, Morgan probably would have gotten the gold star before he did. Promisingly, unlike the last time he felt he got jobbed, he doesn't darkly threaten to do something about it.

Mallory scrambles into the room with the old-timey phone to call her parents, and the show does that weird thing where they pretend the cameras were there to capture the parents' end of the conversation. Their best efforts are foiled when Mallory's mom tells her husband their daughter won a gold star worth $20,000, and he does a terrible job of acting surprised. Mallory tells her daddy she misses him, and GODDAMMIT I really need to do some dusting in this room because there's something in my eye again. Mallory tells her mom that she thinks she and Olivia will stay in Bonanza City the whole time, and Mom gives her approval, even if in a post-phone call interview she gets teary-eyed talking about how weird it is not having her daughters there. She and her husband hug, and on the streets of Bonanza City, proud older sister Olivia hugs Mallory.

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