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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

Fortunately, the "pioneers" of 1885 have a solution: institute a curfew! It's worth a shot. I figure Piggy wouldn't have been killed if those kids just got a little more sleep. Speaking of which, not that I want violence and deadly boulders to overtake the good residents of Bonanza City, but when the show promises Lord of the Flies and then institutes a curfew to keep kids from drinking root beer until 10 PM, I feel a little cheated. Then again, if a curfew prevents Greg from dragging girls, still in their sleeping bags, out into the middle of the street, it's probably a good idea.

The journal concludes with "What time does Bonanza City shut down for some shut-eye? That's up to you." Well, it's nice that something's up to them. In an interview, Laurel says she thought a curfew would be a good idea, because if their society is going to work, they're going to need laws and discipline. After some discussion between Mike, Anjay and Laurel, the council decides on 9:30 as a curfew. If Taylor contributed to that discussion at all, we don't see it. Perhaps pageant girls don't decide curfews. Anjay's worried that the kids aren't going to like being bossed around, and Taylor finally opens her mouth to offer the opinion that they'll have to "deal with it."

Elsewhere, trouble's brewing; one of the girls is confronting Greg about his overzealous wake-up call (Greg's response is to mimic everyone in a whiny voice: "Owww! I'm a little bitch!" Oh yes, he did). Laurel leads a posse over to ask him about what she's hearing about kids getting hurt when he woke them up. Greg curses, and Laurel pulls the disappointed-mother routine on him, saying they used to respect him, and used to think he deserved a gold star, but he's proved them wrong. Greg snaps that everyone needs to shut up and get away from him, and then he gets up himself and starts to walk away. Sophia tells him he's acting like the village idiot, but he's got a great comeback: "I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot." Sophia walks away, because she got served. In an interview, tear tracks running down her cheeks, Sophia talks about how upsetting this is, because Greg's such an influence and so important to the town. Then she starts singing: "Iiiiiii don't know how to loooooove him..." Who knows what's going on there.

Greg stomps off into the bunkhouse (Blaine's there, too) and grumbles about how he just wanted to get everyone up, because he doesn't want to be eating breakfast at noon. In an interview conducted in the street, Morgan talks about how this sort of language isn't necessary, since "there are nine-year-olds here." Heh. Her interview is actually hampered by the sound of Greg yelling in the background; he's opened a window, so as to yell that there are people here not pulling their weight. He's not wrong. He's reacting the wrong way, though.

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