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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

Mallory hangs around glumly, and in an interview explains that there's no need for kids to be using those curse words. Laurel tells us that Olivia and Mallory come from a really strict Christian home, and their parents don't appreciate cursing. "I actually really respect them for that," she says. I'm sure Ma and Pa will be glad to know they've got your approval, Laurel. Greg pops out of the building to keep fighting, and Blaine has to physically drag him away. "The violennnnce...makes me feel very uneasy," moans Alex. When Greg yells from a window that he was nice to everyone, Mike seizes his moment to say, "I beg to differ!" In an interview, Mike says Greg reverted to being the same jerk he was on Day 1.

All of this is too much for Mallory, who runs away to hide in her sleeping bag. Her sister coaxes her out. "I can hear Greg talking mean," says Mallory, who says in an interview that she was kind of scared about what was going on. Big sis Olivia interviews that she feels like she has to protect her sister from some of the bad things going on in town. This is too cute. The older kids are staying up late, drinking pop and swearing. Mallory and Olivia huddle together on a porch, with Mallory wiping away tears as she talks about missing her parents and just wanting to be curled up on the couch with everybody, even for just an hour. Then they hug. Given that I have a fifteen-month-old daughter with whom I look forward to curling up on the couch for years to come, I hope you'll forgive me for getting just a little misty-eyed here.

Morgan, 12, is also from Indiana, and concerned about some of the things going on that are inappropriate for the little kids. This cracks me up again. She can't even get into a PG-13 movie on her own yet! She says she basically has to step in and be the mom. Well, I can't think of a better way to settle down a fifteen-year-old on a rampage than a twelve-year-old girl who thinks she's the town mother. To her credit, Morgan's quite mature in the way she approaches Greg to find out his side of the story. Greg's less mature. He stomps off with Blaine, saying he's not here to hurt anyone; he's here to get things done and build a society. In an interview done during an obviously much warmer time, Greg says he screwed up once but he won't screw up twice: "At the end of this thing, I might not get a gold star, but if the council thinks someone deserves it more than me, bring it on." ["Like...bring on the eight-year-olds? I'm not sure whom he's offering to fight." -- Miss Alli]

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