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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

At the town meeting, Mike stammers out something about the town needing some law and order, and that most of the problems stem from people going to bed too late, and the journal suggested instituting a curfew. Sophia rolls her eyes. The other kids are all, "Whaaaaa?" when they find out the curfew's 9:30. There is much shouting: the kids want to know why they weren't consulted, that sort of thing. Taylor: "Quiet! Nine-thirty is our curfew! If anyone's got a problem with it, sorry, but you're going to have to deal with it." I'm getting the distinct impression that "deal with it" is the final word of authority from Taylor's mom and dad.

Taylor finds a surprising ally in Colton, who yells for everyone to accept the curfew and to drop the subject. In an interview, Laurel says she was really surprised, and calls Colton an "interesting little kid."

Colton's rounded up a couple of buddies to go hiking with, one of whom is Zach, who calls Colton the toughest and bravest kid he's ever met. Here's a good example: Colton leading his two sidekicks in a charge on some cattle grazing nearby. Most of the cattle run off, clearly thinking, Oh, crap, it's that tough little Colton kid. One steer remains, and Colton strolls toward it, nonchalantly. He spreads his arms, palms up. "What up, bull? You think you can take me?" I see what's going on here; Zack has confused stupidity with bravery. In the end, the bull blinks first and runs away. I'm curious about the thought process of the cameraman: "Should I stop him from maybe getting gored? Or should I film it?"

Morgan and Sophia are scrubbing toilets, so we can be reminded how much it sucks that they've been the lowly labourers twice in a row. Anything's better than scrubbing toilets, I suppose. Like being the cooks, which seems like a blast: the boys on the yellow team are having a flour fight. One of the kids collapses in the street, yelling, while flour blows from his sleeves. It's like when Superman killed Flour Man in Superman VI.

Poor, put-upon Mallory, despite being in the upper class and therefore not required to do anything, is doing her best to clean up the flour in the street. In an interview, she says that even though the upper class doesn't have to do anything, she thinks everybody should be working together. Noble sentiment, but maybe somebody could guide her so that if she wants to help out, she can do something a little more useful than spreading flour around with a rake.

There's smoke from the kitchen chimney, which must mean that Taylor and her team has deigned to start cooking some breakfast. Mike strolls into the kitchen to see how it's coming along, and Taylor tells him that it's not so much breakfast as it is brunch. And for some reason (maybe the yellow team hasn't done any damn dishes?), they're not going to have a sit-down meal. Taylor and a teammate are instead going from kid to kid carrying the frying pan, offering a handful of hash browns to each. "This is breakfast?" asks one kid, dubiously. "Deal with it!" explains Taylor. In an interview, Mallory expresses her fear that they're going to starve to death. Oh, Mallory. CBS isn't going to let you starve to death. Do you know what kind of legal headache that would be?

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