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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"

Not that the kids are exactly bounding out of their sleeping bags the next morning. Mallory's thrilled, though, because she did get ten hours of sleep. My god, I can't remember the last time I slept that long.

The kids get used to their new responsibilities: Jared fetches water from the pump, and he struggles with that oxen double-bucketed yoke thing. In an interview, he makes a "wah wah waaaaah" trumpet of tragedy sound effect. Since that seems to be his general frame of mind all the time anyway, who knows what this interview was really about?

Meanwhile, Morgan's taking charge of the green team in the kitchen, with a whole soap-rinse-soak system that seems to have eluded the yellow team, I mean completely, judging by the piles of unwashed dishes. This must be why breakfast was served straight from the frying pan into kids' hands. Laurel interviews that Morgan's always working hard and has a great attitude, and is a gold star candidate. She also says the younger kids are working hard too. In Jared's case, there's a little kvetching as he comes into the kitchen, but Sophia rewards him with a cup of cocoa. In fact, cocoa for all! Jared and Sophia bond over how great it is they picked the microwave instead of the pizza.

And now for the featurette on the dark-horse candidate for the gold star: Mallory. Her older sister, Olivia, says Mallory works as hard as any kid, never mind that she's just eight years old. She runs the general store; we see Sophia trying to get a discount on a canvas bag she's had her eye on, as Olivia voiceovers that Mallory's friendly to her customers without being a pushover. Sophia: "I cannot see any reason why anyone else in this city would want it." I'm not sure why she figures no one else would want the bag, but Mallory listens politely, and concurs: "I have to agree with you and say, why would anyone else want this bag?" Sounds like Sophia's learned about supply and demand, and is using that to try to wheedle the price down to five cents. Mallory, meanwhile, is eight. Advantage: Mallory, who makes Sophia pay a quarter. "I can't stand that kid," says Sophia, chuckling, in an interview.

We peek into the lives of the nouveau-riche yellow team. "We get paid a dollar for doing nothing, pretty much," says Colton. For Taylor and her crew, how much work they do hasn't changed at all; they're just getting paid more. And they're even snottier: we see Taylor and her hangers-on griping about the lousy job being done by the toilet-cleaners. "They're doing good, but they need to scrub harder, because my butt is not shiny!" says Taylor, to the giggles of her sycophants.

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