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Sophia runs down the street alone with the Gold Star in one hand and the key in the other. She lets herself into another barn that's empty except for a Mayberry-style phone mounted on a post. Will she be confused by its lack of a keypad or even a dial? And does she know that you have to activate this type of phone by calling it "Thelma" and telling it who you want to talk to? Before we can find out, it rings straight through to her mom, who sounds surprised to hear from her, and quite worried when Sophia starts choking up. "I just won twenty thousand dollars!" Sophia announces. And then we're suddenly in her mom's house, where the table is set for dinner. Dude, how did they get a camera crew in there so quickly? Or are there forty (now, thirty-nine) camera crews in these kids' homes all over the country during every Town Hall meeting, just in case? Maybe we're not supposed to ask that question. Sophia opens with the news of the twenty thousand. She continues telling her mom what's been going on. "I've been the head chef, I'm taking care of all the meals," she exaggerates. I'd give her a harder time for this, but you don't want to call during your first trip away from home and tell your parents, "I'm cleaning shitters!" MamaSophia interviews that there's no better feeling in the world than hearing your kid that happy. Afterward, Sophia and her Gold Star tour the town, accepting everyone's apparently sincere congratulations. Greg interviews that everyone's proud of Sophia, and will be motivated to work harder now that they see there's a prize involved beyond mere survival. He includes himself in that group. "I'm gonna get one," he vows.

In some final interviews, the Council members take turns telling us how well everything is going now. We see kids of different colored Districts hanging around together, and Laurel gushes, "We can build our own system of government [which they've already been given]. We can make our own shops [which were already constructed and fully stocked]. We can make this a Kid Nation." And then we see everyone in the Saloon, drinking to Bonanza City. I must say, Greg certainly downs his shot of sarsaparilla or whatever with a very practiced-looking motion.

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