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Greg, for his part, is really not seeing how he's been coming off. So people try to give him some more specific advice. Markelle tells him, "Listen, just listen." "Think before you speak," says Sophia. "Stop calling people names," says Leila. Greg jumps down her throat about how he hasn't done that. Because if he can successfully split a hair with a nine-year-old, he can continue to be satisfied with his own rightness or something. Michael tries to tell him to stop defending himself, but Greg's back to yelling at everyone. Thanks, Blue district, for ensuring that this is what every Town Hall meeting for the duration is going to turn into. It's so much fun to recap. DK: "Oh, my God, why don't you just listen to these people! These are the people you work for, man!" So Greg pulls a total martyr, drama queen, take-me-or-leave-me move: he asks how many people want him to leave, and says if it's half, he'll go home. His fellow Council members try to tell him that no one wants that, but he just yells over them some more and repeats his question. Colton (I think -- it's hard to tell when he's not smirking) tells Greg that they just want him to change. Blaine reiterates that, and interviews that Greg was acting immature: "He's my best friend, but he kinda overreacted." Jonathan decides that this has gone on long enough, and asks Greg if he's going to change. Greg cools down a little bit, and gives a half-assed speech about how he can "see where they're right in a way and see where they're wrong in a way." Dude, don't hurt yourself. It's not like anyone is going to believe you're gong to react any differently the next time they say something about you that you don't like.

Next question: who's going home? No one. Laurel interviews that she's decided to stay. She was humbled: "Huge wake-up call. Gotta step up my game, be more focused, more dedicated." Is Laurel on a reality show or in the NFL?

And now it's Gold Star time, which is kind of weird, because there hasn't been any discussion that we've seen about who gets it, aside from the threats about not giving it to anyone. Greg stands and reminds everyone that they thought about giving it to no one, but that they don't think that's right. So they're giving it to Laurel. Who probably would have gotten one already if she hadn't been on the Council until now. Clearly, there must not have been any real dissension among the current Council, because we never got the act-out showing us the two contenders. Even Hunter, last week's runner-up, looks happy. Laurel and Jonathan hug up in front of the room, and she talks about how proud her parents will be. She goes up to the Council table for a hug, and tries to draw Greg into her group hug. Greg stays in his chair, holding out for an individual one, which he gets. He interviews, "I'm not gonna let a conversation ruin a Gold Star opportunity." Or a shouting match, as the case may be. If Greg let one of those ruin anything, there would be enough of them to ruin everything.

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