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Laurel runs to the phone barn, Gold Star in hand. She emotionally interviews, "This is gonna be the best phone call I've ever had in my entire life." Laurel gets her ma on the phone, and breaks down. Laurel's mother asks what's wrong, and Laurel manages to say she's just happy. She pulls herself together enough to explain to her ma about the Gold Star, and of course her ma is thrilled, as anyone would be. Laurel's ma has her daughter's red hair, but a slightly different accent; Laurel isn't usually heard saying "twenty thousand dawlahs." Laurel's ma asks whether it's Bonanza City money (which, four hundred thousand buffalo nickels would buy an awful lot of root beer), and when Laurel assures her that it's not Monopoly money, her ma says, "We'll have to go to the mall." Laurel interviews that between the recognition of the town and her family's pride in her, this was the best moment of her life, and that she wouldn't care if the Gold Star were worth three cents. Not even a little?

Afterward, Laurel walks along with Greg, thanking him for the chance to talk to her parents. They hug again.

Under the closing credits, a couple of girls whose names we don't know yet dance around in the street with black parasols. Ah, youth.

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