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And now Zach's mocking of the homesick kids from last week should really be coming around to bite him in the ass, as he realizes that the responsibilities of being on the Council were distracting him from how much he misses his own parents. But no one's around to make fun of him, so it would be kind of nice if he did it to himself.

That night, the members of the new Council are hanging out on one of the building's porches as DK says that one of the biggest issues they have is respect. He thinks people interrupt and cut each other off too much. I remind you that DK lives with six siblings, and is still somehow not used to that kind of thing. Still not seeing how that's possible. Blaine suggests an exercise he did at school, in which everyone gathers in the Saloon and takes turns talking from the stage, and if anyone interrupts, they have to start over. Greg's all over it, because it presents an opportunity for him to boss everyone around at once. Michael doesn't look like he's on board, but he doesn't say anything. Hey, what happened to the Pioneer Journal? Maybe the new, older Council went in and read it mocked it so mercilessly that the show didn't have any usable footage from the reading session. I would be okay with that.

On the morning of Day 29, Laurel is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that the sun rose on a Bonanza City that didn't have her on the Council. She's talking to Michael, DK, and Zach about how frustrated she is that she doesn't have a say in anything anymore: "I was a great Council leader and I'm mad. I have to leave, I'm sorry." And she does. It's hard for a defeated leader to be bitter in private and gracious in public when the public consists of thirty-six other people and a bunch of network TV cameras.

Anjay and Guylan are having a very different conversation about the same subject. Guylan feels like a train was lifted off his chest, and Anjay agrees that he won't miss all the responsibilities. As for the new Council members? "They have no idea what they're in for," Guylan cackles. Tell it to your past self, Guylan.

The Council members call everyone into the Saloon. Blaine -- his hair currently looking like he joined not only the Council but also Whitesnake -- explains that since they've been having trouble getting people to respect each other when they're talking, they're going to play the "communication game." Greg explains the rules, in which each person will come up one at a time to say his/her age, where he/she is from, and tell something about him/herself. And every interruption will result in starting the whole thing over from the beginning. The town doesn't look too impressed at having to go through what amounts to an exercise in remedial manners. Nathan interviews that maybe Greg and Blaine aren't the best people to be teaching the town about respect.

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