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The Greg Administration

Too late: here we go. Greg goes first. He says that he's from Reno, and that when he gets home, he's going to sleep for a week. Blaine is next. I see Michael rolling his eyes at this whole thing as Kelsey takes the stage. Natasha mutters, "Oh my God" during Kelsey's speech about how she misses her family, and Greg calls a halt. They have to start over now. "Let's hear it for Natasha!" he crows, clapping and whistling. Eric makes the point to Greg that that isn't so respectful right there, and interviews that Greg is pretty much the most disrespectful person in town. But he's one of the people in charge, so let's go again. Greg, Blaine, Kelsey, and then when Michael says that he'll be fifteen three days, Pharaoh can't suppress a "Happy birthday," so they start over again. There are plenty of reaction shots of kids looking like they're thisclose to walking out of there, and I can't for the life of me figure out why none of them does. Starting over. Greg! Blaine! Kelsey! Michael! DK! Laurel! And Pharaoh mutters something, and they're starting over again. Jared interviews, "The respect game...It sucked. Like. Cock." At least it sounds like he says "cock," but I think he's really just making a guttural gagging noise in the back of his throat. Markelle protests that it's not fair that they have to start over, and Greg says, "Life isn't fair," which is how you know you have right on your side. People start protesting, and DK snaps "Hey!" at everyone. Blaine tells everyone to deal with it, and Taylor smirks around the mouth of her soda bottle as her central governing philosophy comes one step closer to being enshrined in the Bonanza City constitution. DK lectures, "We did this whole thing so that you guys can learn a lesson that you probably should have learned in preschool." So be more respectful, like DK here. Going again. GregBlaineKelseyMichaelLaurelSophiaHunter. Migle: "I'm bored out of my mind right now, and...yeah." When it's Markelle's turn, he says it's pointless, and that the Council went about it all wrong. Someone asks to pee, and we never do find out whether the town actually gets through this.

That night, in the Green bunkhouse, Michael apologizes to his District for the whole fiasco, and regrets not having the guts to pull his group out of there. Laurel makes the oft-repeated point about Greg -- the most disrespectful person in town -- giving respect lessons. Speaking of whom: there he is, skulking outside the Green bunkhouse with Blaine as the conversation goes on. Literally, they're crouched under the window with their ears pressed against the wall as they hear Sophia saying that she doesn't support the Council, aside from Michael. They hear Eric call them immature. They hear Michael asking whether Greg even works anymore, and they hear Laurel saying no, since there's no point for people who've already got their Gold Star (present and recognized company excluded, presumably). They hear Eric say that he'd rather Greg just sat in the middle of the street all day being nice, even if he didn't do any work. Greg shakes his head angrily, and Michael says he's glad to have Green's support. Hunter says that's why they're the strongest district. Go Green! Greg interviews that people are going to regret things they said: "Better watch out." Ladies and gentlemen, your "best Council leader ever": someone who spies on his citizenry and hopes to punish them for things they said about him in the privacy of their own bunkhouse.

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