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Day 30. Over by the water tank, Blaine and Greg tell DK what they overhead the previous night, except they claim that the Green team was shit-talking DK as well. Which may or nay not have actually been the case, but I certainly didn't hear DK's name come up in the part of the conversation we got to hear. Alas, DK buys into the whole thing. So here's their plan: they decide to take Eric at his word, and sit in the middle of the street giving out compliments all day.

So that's what Blaine, DK, and Greg do, with their asses parked in chairs from the Saloon. "Looking good today," they say to a confused Taylor and Leila. Natasha and Pharaoh go by, and the line in Blaine's head between "complimenting" and "catcalling" gets kind of blurred. It's additionally offensive because I'm pretty sure Natasha is Latina, and Blaine is calling her things like "mamacita" in a Cheech Marin accent. Classy.

Sophia comes up, and we see that Blaine, Greg, and DK have completely given up on "compliments" in favor of "sarcasm" as they remark on the shorts she's wearing. "What are you guys doing?" Sophia asks, unamused, as she's joined by other members of the Green team. Unfortunately for Eric, he's the one who says that they should be working instead of sitting and complimenting people in the middle of the street. DK just goes off on him, venting a whole lot of repressed anger that throws everyone for a loop. And that's when Greg says that they were there for the "whooole conversation." Surprisingly, nobody seems to call them on their spying.

A crowd is gathering as Greg and Blaine accuse each member of the Green team of calling them the most disrespectful people. "That's not true," says Morgan calmly, which just sends Greg off into a yelling tizzy. "Greg! Respect!" Michael tries to remind him, but that's a one-way street for Greg. He says that Michael disagreed with the respect game from the start, and Michael cops to it, and also confesses his regrets that he didn't say anything against the idea before. Greg keeps pushing, until Michael screams at him, "Let me talk!" Michael says that he was intimidated before, but he's not anymore. "You poor kid," Greg condescends. Michael vows that he's going to be an independent thinker from now on; he'll work with them, but he won't go against his own principles and values.

DK yells at the Green team for thinking they're better than anyone, and says that they need to come together as a town. Blaine accuses them of saying that he and Greg didn't deserve the Gold Star (which we didn't hear), and the Green team looks surprised that anyone thinks they said that. So now Blaine says they're thinking about giving the Gold Star to nobody. "What is this, like, a Nazi regime?" Sophia asks. Looks like the Council has some backers now, too, including Olivia, Mallory, and Jasmine, the first of whom looks shocked at Sophia Godwinning the debate. Sophia tries to continue, "Why do you fear so much--" but Greg would rather shout everyone down than have that discussion, so the Green district basically leaves, realizing they're not going to get anywhere with these people right now. As Kennedy drags Michael off, he calls back that he's sorry his fellow Council members can't see anyone's point. "Shut up, Michael, I'm tired of your crap!" DK screams at him. Of all the shitty things Greg and Blaine have done, tricking DK into making himself look like this much of an asshole is easily the worst. The Green team retreats and regroups, and Sophia tells them that if they have each other's backs, that's all that matters. Laurel points out that they're a town, not a district. "United we stand, divided we fall," Campbell mumbles into Morgan's sleeve. Wow, that was all actually kind of upsetting.

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