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Aftermath. Pharaoh is telling Michael and Laurel that he'd rather give the Gold Star to anybody than nobody. Laurel still thinks Hunter should get it, but Michael thinks Laurel should win: "No matter what you say." He's realizing that he's going to have to find a way to work with the Council. I wonder what Laurel would say if he offered her seat back right now.

DK, Greg, and Blaine are sitting on hay bales next to a corral, hollering for Michael. "Michael's not coming," says Greg. Then we see Michael walking to join his fellow Council members belatedly, telling us, "I'm a little nervous, I'm not going to lie. But it's something that needs to be done. We need to talk." Michael is really impressing me in this episode. Michael joins his fellows, and they invite him to take a seat between Greg and DK. Greg starts out promisingly, saying that he wants to put aside their differences, and that he was wrong to listen to Green's conversation. And he actually apologizes to Michael and his district. "It's no problem," says Michael, and they shake on it. So that's dealt with. Whew.

The next item on the agenda is to start going around the town and trying to get people to work. They find Taylor and Emilie in the cookhouse, fucking around with biscuit dough in a way that looks like actual biscuits are still in the distant future. Greg asks what they're doing. "What does it look like we're doing?" Taylor asks. "Playing with dough," Greg says, with pinpoint accuracy. He wants Taylor to help haul water, and Taylor refuses. Greg interviews that Taylor thinks she's the princess of Bonanza, and he manager-speaks that he's been disappointed in her but wants to see her succeed. DK lays it out for Taylor: since she won't work, she won't get to share in whatever reward they win in the next Showdown. "Okay, good, 'cause I'm going home anyway!" Taylor snots. Oops, pushed her too far. They ask her why that is, and she tearfully says that she promised Randi, "If she couldn't stick it out, I'm not sticking it out." Well, that sounds like a positive bargain. Positively made-up, that is. DK stops pushing and tells Taylor that it's not too late to change. So how does Taylor feel about that?" Not right now, no." Well, okay, then.

Showdown time. Even if the Pioneer Journal never lectured the Council about communication ("Here in 1885, people got tired of being interrupted all the time, so they started leaving"), the producers have still figured out that it would be a good theme for the Showdown. That, and pies. Here's what they have to do: each District will hoist six pies, one at a time, up to a team member positioned on a ten-foot tower. Then two other team members will use long poles to balance the pies, while walking along narrow beams to transfer them to another tower one at a time. The team member at the receiving tower will then push the pies down a slide to his or her waiting Council leader, who will find pictures of communication devices -- telegraph, telephone, typewriter, etc. -- printed on each pie plate. And then the Council leader has to put the pie plates in the correct order in which each device was invented. "I quit!" DK snarks. They have thirty minutes to finish if they're going to get the reward. DK interviews that in his first Showdown as a Council leader, he wants his team to know that he'll work hard for them. His District member Jared has a different strategy in mind: "I'm thinking, rush the pie and eat it." Not to spoil anything, but Jared's plan couldn't have resulted in a much worse outcome.

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