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The Showdown begins. Everyone pretty much starts the same way, with one member running one pie from a big rack of different kinds to his or her team's bucket, where one or two people load it in to be lifted via rope and pulley. Then the person on the tower positions it atop the long poles with brackets that two of their teammates are holding aloft while standing on two balance beams that span the distance between each team's two towers. Zach and Pharaoh carry the first pie for Yellow, but they quickly drop it. Blue delivers its first pie to Anjay on the receiving tower, and that's Blue in the lead. Campbell gets Green's first pie, and Taylor sends Yellow's first pie sliding down to Blaine. Scraping away the filling, he sees a picture and the word "phonograph." "What the fuck is that?" he asks us. Bad sign.

The kids on the ground rotate positions. Green and Blue are tied at five pies each with twenty minutes left. Emilie is eating her pie before sending it along. "Are you that hungry?" Jonathan asks in amazement. "You're slowing your team down!" It's a cream pie, of course, and not a chicken pot pie. Green gets its last pie, and Michael is trying to get them in the right order with the help of Campbell on the tower above him. But Greg isn't far behind, and the person on the tower above him is Anjay. Advantage: Blue. Michael also gets some help from Hunter, and he's the first to raise his team's flag signaling that they're finished. Greg's right behind him for Blue. But accuracy counts more than speed and Green got it...wrong. They've got phonograph and typewriter switched around. You can tell because they've got all six items on the screen in subtitles in the order Michael put them, and the ones in the wrong places are Xed out. Because this is an educational show, after all. Laurel claims to have felt bad for Michael during the Showdown, although you can tell she's glad that someone else understands how stressful it is to be a Council member. This is the first time that came up? Jonathan checks Blue, and Greg has his plates in the order of telegraph, typewriter, telephone, phonograph, radio, television. Which, for future reference, is correct. So Blue is Upper Class again. The other teams look disappointed -- none more so than Green at having come so close.

The Showdown continues, and Green gets it right before Yellow finishes, so they're the Merchant class. Blaine struggles with the final step for Yellow, and he admits in an interview, "I didn't know much about my electronical history." Blaine decides that he's done as Red gets its last pie. Jonathan starts reading off Blaine's inventions. "Television first!" he notices right off. "Blaine, you're an idiot!" Greg yells. It's also worth noting that each slot on the little board is marked with a year, which means Blaine thought the television was invented in 1837. Let's just take a moment to reflect on what Victorian television would have been like. Mmmm, repression. Needless to say, all the rest of Blaine's plates are in the wrong slots, too. DK is still trying to order his plates, and Mike is yelling from the sending tower that he's positive the typewriter came before the telegraph (he's wrong; see above). There are only four minutes left.

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