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Meanwhile, everyone on Yellow is yelling at Blaine, until Zach takes control and shouts -- clearly, deliberately, and apparently from memory -- the correct order. "I think Blaine is a moderately intelligent young man," Zach interviews. We see Blaine yelling back at Zach, "Radio comes before phonograph because phonograph had CDs!" Hee. "Moderately smart," Zach reiterates, and you can tell it hurts him to be that generous. DK raises Red's flag before Blaine raises Yellow's, but he's got the wrong order for everything but radio and television. But Yellow got it right, so they're the Cooks. DK seethes. Meanwhile, the rest of his team has put some spare pie plates in the right order, which they're sending up to Mike in the bucket so that he can relay them to DK. But DK thinks it's just Mike being wrong some more, so he's not listening. There's only a minute left. He interviews that he thought the job would be easy: "And that's a lie. It's the most stressful thing I've ever done in my entire life!" Greg yells at DK that they don't want to lose the reward. "I'm confuuused!" DK wails, holding the flag and not moving pie plates in any way whatsoever.

But when we come back from commercial and the time is up, Jonathan checks the order again, and this time it's right. Reward! After a brief celebratory pie fight, the kids gather up to learn what their reward choices are. In an interview, DK reminds us that they decided in advance that Taylor wouldn't be getting a reward because she refused to work. Jonathan explains that, in keeping with the communication theme, the first option is four ponies, as in Pony Express. He says that they can either use them for hauling or for looking cute. They look too small to ride, except for the nine-year-olds and maybe Taylor, who despite looking more excited than anyone about the potential equine additions to the town wouldn't get to have a piece of them anyway. Maybe she's forgotten. The second option? It's a mailbox full of letters from home. Actual letters from their actual parents, and wouldn't you hate to be a kid whose folks forgot to attach the proper postage? Jonathan sends the Council off to confer. Olivia's in lisp-enhancing tears at the very thought of hearing from home, saying that she really wants the letters, since this is the longest she's been away from home, and she's not a big fan of ponies anyway. "I like the ponies!" Mallory volunteers happily, because she is more awesome than Olivia on every imaginable axis. Although I suspect her parents might not have been too thrilled at being the only ones who had to write two letters and ended up having one of them be wanted more than ponies. Meanwhile, the Council is making its first reward decision, and this doesn't seem to be the no-brainer you might think. Michael frames it as a question of which will be a better cure for homesickness. DK says that they'll all be home in ten days anyway, and that the letters might make people more homesick. "This is a really tough decision," says Blaine.

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