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Too Good To Be True

Town Hall meeting. Jonathan starts by asking if things are more fair with the changes. Blaine stands up and says he thinks it's a lot more fair, and having him and Greg on the same team was totally unfair (Blaine arc (c)). Blaine gets a round of applause. Anjay interviews, "Why didn't I give Greg away and keep Blaine? Because obviously, as we see, Blaine is a whole lot nicer than Greg." In other words, Blaine arc (a). A demonstration: Greg stands up and yells at Anjay that he doesn't approve, and he now respects Laurel for not trading. Laurel applauds the sentiment but, realizing she's almost alone, she orders her team, "Clap!" Hmm, what is it that goeth before a fall again? "Mallory is more of a man than you are," Greg tells Anjay. Anjay buries his head in his hands. Maybe he wouldn't get attacked so much if he would stop making it so rewarding. Sophia raises her hand to say something to Laurel: "It might have been a tad selfish not to open our arms and accept anybody under the wing of the Green district." I like how she phrased that -- telling the rest of the town that she doesn't necessarily agree with Laurel, but framing it in a way Laurel will take as a compliment. Unfortunately, Laurel takes it and just digs herself deeper, saying. "Hello, we're awesome?" Michael agrees with Sophia, less diplomatically, that Laurel's move was "shallow." And then suddenly Laurel is yelling at Anjay for some reason. I think we missed some footage there, like maybe of Anjay having the temerity to suggest that maybe his District got a little bit boned and perhaps Laurel could have made a teeny sacrifice of her own. This is only conjecture, of course, but otherwise I don't see why Laurel is all up in Anjay's grill and wagging her finger at him. "Anjay doesn't deserve to be up there," Greg yells, wounding Anjay all over again. Anjay, hurry up and form your damn bones. Being 100% soft underbelly is getting you nowhere.

Jonathan puts a stop to it all, obviousing that there a lot of strong opinions and unhappy people. Which raises the question, does anybody want to go home? Randi raises her hand. Just then, there's a roll of thunder, and it starts raining. And considering how much daylight is visible through the slats of this old barn, the kids notice immediately. Someone says it's a sign, and Kelsey yells at Randi that it means God doesn't want her to go. God's like, "Do you mind not drowning out My thunder, Kelsey? Me!" Jonathan asks her why she wants to leave, and she says she misses her family and her animals and feels like she's lost it all. "We're so close!" Zach exhorts her. Randi says she can't do it any more. There's lots of hugging and crying, and Randi's gone. Too bad Randi wasn't up for a Gold Star, and thus eligible for a one-on-one pitch from her Council leader. Taylor might well be thinking the same thing. "Zach, you let Randi go!" she accuses, and weeps that Randi was like a sister to her. A sister who voted for Zach, but never mind.

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