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In the Blue girls' bunkhouse, they're making room for a new tenant. Mallory interviews that they plan to whip Emilie into shape. We see Emilie telling her new teammates how happy she is to be there. Olivia starts to lecture Emilie on how hard the Blue girls work, and Emilie is way ahead of her: "Trust me, I'll pick up my game," she says. Olivia seems a little disappointed that she didn't get to deliver her whole speech. I'm sure she'll blame Anjay for that.

So how is Nathan assimilating? He interviews that he'll miss Alex from the Blue team, and was just starting to get used to Greg and Blaine, and the dust in the Red bunkhouse will play hell with his allergies. Unfortunately, the Red District is even less happy to have him than he is to be joining. Markelle is haranguing Guylan about how he thinks Nathan is better off in the Blue District. "Because you guys hate him!" Guylan says. "We don't hate him!" Markelle protests. Nathan? Standing right there. Suddenly I've gone from refusing to speculate on whether Nathan has Asperger's, to kind of hoping that he does. Because, ouch. Jared waves his pimp-stick lollipop in Guylan's face, vowing, "You're off the Council ASAP!" There's a lot more yelling, from everyone, and Jared says to Guylan, "Lock your cell door tonight." Jared's allowed to watch Oz? Huh.

Almost everyone else in the room cackles at that, although the editors try to make it look like that didn't totally just break the tension. As Jared ducks into a cell himself -- yes, for the first time, I've noticed that the Red boys' bunkhouse is actually a two- or three-cell jailhouse -- he interviews that Guylan is "the suckiest Council leader yet," and it's time for a change. Alex is there now, loudly voicing his own complaints and taking Nathan outside for a talk. Which consists of Nathan saying that Red doesn't want him and Alex describing Guylan as "totally un-smart." Back in the bunkhouse, Guylan continues to make his case, saying they traded someone who doesn't work for someone who does more than his share. "All he does is haul water every day," Mike snarks from his bed. "OH MY GOD, MIKE!" Guylan screams at him. "Just stating the facts," Mike responds mildly, marking the first time in his life that he's the more laid-back person in any given exchange. Chase that feeling, Mike. Jared kicks open the cell door he's behind and rushes dramatically out to the street. He's taking this harder than anyone. He tells us that his district won't miss Emilie, but he doesn't want Nathan on the team. Because he feels threatened in his position as district oddball? No: "He sings in his sleep!" Obligingly, the sun goes down that very minute, and as the lights in the Red boys' bunkhouse goes out, high-pitched singing commences. "Shut! Up!" someone snaps. Heh.

It's Day 26, and Hunter (12, Green, from Georgia) is running a small religious service. The congregation includes Morgan, Pharaoh, Laurel, Divad, Mallory, Kennedy, Alex, Markelle, and another girl we haven't been introduced to. Mike is assisting Hunter at the front of the room. Hunter interviews that he hopes the town can put its differences aside, and he talks to his prayer group about how God is there even in times of war and hatred. And this seems to affect Mike as he realizes how poorly he treated Nathan, and how he hasn't appreciated the (what I'm sure are many) times he's been treated that way himself. He's moved to tears. Not that that takes a lot of moving with Mike.

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