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We join Kennedy in the phone barn, calling her mom and telling her about the Gold Star for people who "work really hard and have a great personality," which she won and which is worth $20,000. Cut to Kennedy's mom, who's all dressed and coiffed and made-up for the cameras in her home. Yes, as a matter of fact she does hang around the house like that, and how dare you suggest she's messing with her pearl necklace just because she only put it on ten seconds ago? But I do admit that she's quite convincing in her emotional reaction to the news of the Gold Star. "You're the strongest person I know," Kennedy's mom says weepily, and then Kennedy's crying too. Not me, though. I'm getting a nice, hard callus there. See? Feel that.

Time for Kennedy's victory lap. She celebrates with previous winners like DK, Morgan, Sophia, and Michael. Meanwhile, Divad stands in the middle of the far end of the street, staring daggers at all of them and interviewing that she's upset with the Council's decisions on the Gold Star. Kennedy tells her fellow winners that she thinks she won for her weirdness, and Divad tells us, "I’m sorry, I just think that the Gold Star should be awarded to someone who works hard. Oh, well, I can't judge people." She can, however, glare at them, as we see some more. And then she can go home when it's over, and her mom can file papers against the show, and then the show can tell us all how awful Divad is. The justice system at work.

Under this week's closing credits, Eric leads a sing-along around the piano in the Saloon. It's another song I don't recognize. I wonder if he's writing them himself. And if CBS is paying him for the broadcast rights.

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