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So, people still cook, right? Even though they have time to be bored? Okay, we're in the kitchen, where Kentuckians Savannah and Kennedy are busy putting together a "Kentucky dinner." This appears to call for a great deal of sliced bell peppers and onions. Hmm, I'm listening. But the main ingredient, it turns out, is homesickness. Yes, several weeks ago, Savannah was the one who didn't want to pray with atheist people, but now she is The One Who May Go Home This Week.

Day 24. Olivia interviews that she's nervous about the talent show, but she's happy to have her sister's support. "It's good to know that I'm not alone in anything I do because she's here with me." Sitting next to Olivia, Mallory looks up disinterestedly from the weeds she's weaving together and wonders if she can go yet.

Greg and Blaine are hauling water, as Greg interviews that his Blue team is going to continue working even though they're currently in the Upper Class. Ah, but here are his teammates Natasha (13, from Florida) and Migle (also 13, from Illinois, pronounced "me-GLAY," apparently) , who seem to be working only on lying in their bunks and talking about the stuff they miss at home. In separate interviews, they freely admit that that's pretty much all they're doing. Alex makes another insightful comment, saying that Natasha and Migle have been compared to Paris and Nicole, but he claims he doesn't know what that means. If that's true, that one comment has given me more hope for the future than anything else that's happened all season. All this shirking on the girls' part is getting on Greg and Blaine's nerves, so they pull their Council leader Anjay aside to talk about it. And what they're considering doing is throwing the next Showdown so Natasha and Migle can do toilets and garbage. Anjay doesn't like the idea, since they'd have to work too, after all. Greg agrees to see how the girls do today, and to go warn them what they're thinking. So he and Blaine go do that, while Anjay sits out the meeting. The mark of a true leader is knowing when to delegate, you know. The girls seem to have known that some kind of come-to-Jesus meeting was coming, but they weren't expecting to have Greg threaten to hang a lost Showdown around their necks. Migle interviews that she doesn't want that to happen and find herself being hated. Wait, isn't this the part of the reality show where the person says they didn't come here to make friends? Apparently not.

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