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So here's a weird moment. Savannah is coming back from the water pump with a freshly filled canteen. Leaning against a wagon, Alex thoughtfully watches her approach, and goes up to meet her. In itself, not much to comment there, until you notice that (a) there's some acoustic late-CW-episode sad romance music playing, implying that these two are a love that can never be, and (b) Alex has one tooth. Fortunately for my sensibilities, he only wants to talk to her about how she's doing. Savannah interviews that she misses her sister the most, and her mom and dad. I can't decide if I do or don't hope that Savannah also has a brother at home. Alex makes a direct appeal to Savannah, saying that the Kentucky dinner was really good, and that Savannah makes a positive contribution to the town. Savannah interviews that she misses home, but it would be hard to say goodbye to everyone, and she doesn't know what to do. This is still an issue for people after the halfway point?

Showdown prep montage. "Are we gonna win this?" Anjay yells at his team. "Nope," Greg answers mildly. Hee. Anjay seems at a loss, but he finally gets everyone to yell something positive, except Greg. Green, meanwhile, is girding for battle. They've clearly decided that this is their week to win Upper Class, which they have never won before, and which every other team has at least once. Zach also exhorts his team, and the editors shoehorn in an interview of Zach's teammate Colton interviewing that all they do is work and never get to have any fun.

Cut to the kids running full-tilt out to the Showdown field, like they always do. I assume the producers make them do that, because why else would they want to wear themselves out before the competition? Jonathan flogs the arts and entertainment theme of this week's episode and says that this Showdown is an art project; specifically, they're filling in big paint-by-letters pictures using chewed bubble gum. It's not as hard as it sounds; each team has a big canvas divided into little areas labeled with the first letter of each of the four colors, and then they just have to stick one gooey wad into the middle of each area. It's not like they have to blend together a photorealistic mosaic using gum as a medium. On the other hand, there's a lot of little areas on each board, so it'll be plenty time-consuming and chewing-intensive. When it's done, it'll be a picture of a horse or a llama or something on a hill, not that anyone cares. Jonathan explains how it'll work: District leaders will hand coins to their team members, who will use them to buy gumballs out of big dispensers standing about thirty feet away. And then they have to chew them all one at a time, and hand them to the Council leaders, who stick them on the board. The Council leaders aren't too thrilled about having to handle all this ABC gum, but what are you gonna do? First to finish is Upper Class, blah blah blah. And they all have an hour to finish in order to get the town reward. Ready, set, chew!

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