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As we see Nathan dash over to the phone barn, he interviews that his mother always says that she'll give him a gold star when he does something good. So now he's got an actual Gold Star, for reals. Alas, when Nathan gets his mom on the phone and totally sets her up to say something about giving him a gold star, she completely drops the ball. So he has to be the one to say he earned one, but that this one is worth $20,000. "I can use it for college, boarding school, candy, anything I want," he says. Wow, Nathan really likes his Toblerone. And then we're in Nathan's mom's kitchen, as she tells Nathan's sister about the Gold Star. The sister seems doubtful, and when she's on the phone with him to hear it for herself, she asks Nathan, "Is it fun?" Nathan says that it is. "A little bit hard, but fun," he assures her. I'm not any less concerned than I was earlier about what Nathan's idea of fun might be. Interview with Nathan's mom in which she says he's "independent," and "he doesn't care what people think, and he always wants to do the right thing." Jeez, lady, why not just tell the national viewing audience, "Yeah, my kid's a weirdo."

The minor harmonica of bitter disappointment segues into Divad working in the kitchen and complaining that she does as much work as Nathan. "Do I need to drag them to my workplace? Do I need to drag them to where I'm working to make them realize I do work?" Sounds like someone didn't get the message Laurel was sending. Nathan, meanwhile, does his victory lap of the town and promises us that he's going to keep working. I doubt that not at all.

And then the end credits is a little impromptu fashion show in the street with about ten kids and their new clothes. Cute.

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