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Outside, Savannah happily flies a new kite (look out for power lines!), and a bunch of boys are headed off to play baseball. They invite a kid named Nathan along, but he's busy carrying water buckets and doesn't play baseball anyway, so he gets called a "nerd." The baseball game proceeds without him, as does any manner of other playground activity. Nathan, however, returns to his dreary post at the laundry tub and washboard. We haven't seen much of Nathan (Blue, 11, from Illinois) up to this point, but he's the kid in the eye-catching bomber jacket with all the patches. That's a pretty flamboyant coat under the circumstances, and he can't exactly pull it off. It's wearing him, one might say. He interviews that taking a break is all well and good, but that things still need to be done. Laurel comes and finds him at the laundry tub and suggests that he chill a bit. Nathan frets that the laundry is way behind, and that doing it right takes a long time. In her laid-back way, Laurel compliments him on working so hard, and advises him to be more laid-back. Nathan complies by shifting positions so that he's doing the laundry while sitting on a chair instead of doing it while sitting on the ground. Slacker. Half-kidding (or perhaps prompted by the producers), Laurel asks if Nathan has some deep, dark secret. Nathan stops scrubbing long enough to explain that his mom home-schools him and his sibling(s). Laurel nods as though that explains everything. Laurel is going to get some nasty emails, I can tell you right now. In an interview, Nathan tells us that, yes, he's a little different from the other kids in the town, but that he's not a total outcast. Lauren gives her own interview in which she alludes knowingly to Nathan's home-schooling and says she wish he weren't growing up so fast. Nathan, however, has already moved on to his next task, which is carrying water. He's got that that yoke over his neck, the one with the two buckets hanging from it. As he walks, he tells us that it's hard on your neck, so he's going to go ask Greg and Blaine for help.

Nathan finds Blaine and Greg in the kitchen, for some reason, and when he asks for help, Greg totally jumps down his throat about the dishes needing to be done, and enlists Nathan to help with that instead. Nathan looks doubtfully at the sludge they're "washing" with, but he gets right in there. That's still not good enough for Greg, who starts yelling at Nathan for how long he's taking to get a spoon clean to his satisfaction, and then mocking him by squeaking a dish in his face. Sophia comments wearily to us that this happens every day, and that she doesn't even know what it's about. Oh, I do: Nathan's kind of OCD, and Greg's kind of a bully, and that's kind of a bad mix. You're welcome. Then we're back to the Greg and Nathan show ("They fight! And fight! And fight and fight and fight!"), which has moved on to a dispute about how much fresh water is needed in the wash tub. Anjay helplessly tries to mediate, and it ends with Greg roughly dumping all of Nathan's water into the washtub and bitchily snapping at him, "You happy?" Nathan walks out, humiliated and on the verge of tears. "Walk away," Greg sneers, demonstrating that the way to be a tough guy is to intimidate a socially awkward twelve-year-old when you're fifteen. Cut to Nathan crying alone in his bunk, saying that he can't stand it any more and he's thinking about going home.

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