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MG: Yeah, she didn't seem all that amazed, I thought. Lori: They just sent the most adorable Christmas card. It's a portrait of their three kids. It's so gorgeous it should be in a nice magazine. MG: I bet you guys have gotten great Christmas cards this year. Lori: Yes, everyone. And we're such losers, we never do anything. Also because we're Jewish, we never even think about those things. But Taylor sent one out, a picture of herself holding a teddy bear, so I feel like she's fully recovered. Sophia really liked Taylor, so we're glad she's doing well. MG: Who else have you been in touch with since the show, other than Jared, and the cards from people? Sophia: Michael, sort of. Laurel and Kennedy. Morgan visited once. Lori: Morgan, Kennedy, and Jared have all been to visit. Jared has been here several times. Michael comes from a wonderful family. They live up outside of Seattle in a rural area, Both his parents are doctors, and his mom is so cool. She's like a teaching doctor, a family doctor, and she just went to Africa for a month. I mean, they're just the coolest, most wonderful people. And the funny thing is, when I had gone to pick Sophia up, we were there for about a day or two before we saw the kids, and so we hung out with the parents. This time we're allowed to talk with them, and I immediately hooked up with them when I met them for the first time, and we had such a great time together. And then I learned that their son was Sophie's best friend, so it was just so interesting, you know? The kids are reflections of their parents. It should have beenParent Nation. MG: Maybe next season. Getting back to Gold Stars, Sophia, did you know that Kennedy had nominated you for a repeat win? Sophia: I think she told me a few days later. Lori: Kennedy also comes from a great family. She's an only child. They live in Kentucky. She's a tennis pro! And her parents are real class acts, really good people. MG: Did you feel like, with the show, that the goal was to build a world and build a society like they kept saying, or was it trying to make a TV show? Sophia: They were trying to make a TV show. What was frustrating to me -- I don't know if I could speak for the whole town, but I think I can speak for most of them -- what's frustrating to us is that certain things we wanted to do, we would be stopped, saying, "No, it doesn't work with what we're doing," meaning what CBS is doing. We were focused on building the world; they were focused on making a TV show.

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