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The Sophia And Lori Interview

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Sophia: Well, maybe not everyone. But I mean, Michael did, I did, Laurel did. Lori: Kennedy did, didn't she? Sophia: Yeah, Kennedy did. So that's four out of the nine people that were left. MG: So they just edited it so that there was just one candidate challenging each Council member? Sophia: Right. Lori: They also have to format it into forty to forty-five minutes. MG: So how long were those Town Council meetings, for real? Sophia: It depended. Once we were sitting there for five hours. MG: Wow. Sophia: It was pretty awful. Other times, generally, an hour and a half, two hours. Everything on the show is a lot longer than it seems. Lori: The one that I sat in on was two or three hours. MG: I can imagine, with all the parents. Lori: It was torture. MG: Lori, did you ever get interviewed on camera? Were you expecting to? Lori: Yes, they interviewed all the parents when they came to our homes for about ten minutes, or fifteen minutes. And I guess they didn't use that too much. Sophie, did they interview me there? Sophia: I think so. Lori: They must have. Yeah, they must have asked me some questions there also. M. Small: Who's that? MG: That's still Lori and Sophia. Daddy's talking to them. M. Small: Why? MG: Daddy's picking their brains and asking all sorts of nosy questions. [To the interview subjects] He's three and we're trying to get him to bed at a reasonable time, but he's not always up for it. [To the child] Come back here! Lori: [laughs] MG: Say, "Goodnight, Lori and Sophia." M. Small: Goodnight, Sori-ophia! Lori and Sophia: Goodnight! MG: I'll be right back, you guys. Here the interview pauses again while I put the child back in bed, in front of a movie to keep him occupied. Moments like this are why I tried to refrain from criticizing any of the kids' parents in my recaps. MG: Are you guys still there? Lori: Is he in bed? MG: Uh...he's...down. Lori: You mentioned every now and then [in the recaps] that the kids didn't look that dirty. Even the last show, they didn't look that dirty. But when I picked Sophia up, she was so disgusting. I mean she was just gross. And you don't notice that, even at that Town Council meeting how dirty they were. They didn't take that many showers.

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