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The Sophia And Lori Interview

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"It's Just Ludicrous, All That Controversy"
MG: Yeah? Lori: Their clothes were disgusting. I didn't want to take anything home, but she insisted. It was just...the place was disgusting. MG: And you guys had just been running around with garbage for an hour, too. Sophia. Yeah. There should be a lot more of that Showdown than they showed. I guess they had the whole time complex. MG: Sophia, what would you have done differently on the Town Council? Sophia. I'm not sure. I would have tried to get the town running more smoothly. It just didn't seem that hard. I don't know, I had a totally different perspective than they did, obviously. But what the Town Council leaders were struggling with, what they thought were huge obstacles, I thought could be solved very simply. All the stupid town dramas usually caused the most problems for the Council, and I just would have attempted to crush all of that. MG: Would you have done this when you were younger, like when you were ten or twelve or eight? Sophia: Yes. I don't know if my parents would have let me go, but the idea, I think, would have been appealing to me at any age. [laughs] Lori: Sophia at age fifteen is like she would have been at age eight. She was just always this way. MG: Really? Lori: Sophia was always old. I remember, for her tenth birthday party, we had a Revolutionary War party and everybody had to come in Revolutionary War hero costume. And she was obsessed with John Adams through ages eight, nine, and ten. Sophia: A brief phase. [all laugh] MG: I must have missed that phase. Lori: Sophie was just always old and eccentric. Sophia: [Jokingly] I was ridiculed as a child. MG: Would you go through this experience again? Sophia: Absolutely. I wish I could do it again, but I can't. MG: How long do you think it could have gone on as a town if there hadn't been a forty-day timetable? Sophia: Not so much longer, because the little kids just would have left, because they were so homesick. MG: Really? Sophia: I think so. Even I was homesick. But I don't know. Taylor probably wouldn't have lasted that much longer. The kids were all so young. They don't seem like it. Zach is ten years old. He seems so mature. I remember, I made him cry once, because I screamed at him about something. And it shocked me that I could do that because he just seemed like this old kid. But they all got homesick and I think they would have left, personally.

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