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"It's Just Ludicrous, All That Controversy"
MG: When you were nominated as sheriff, did you know that was coming, or was that sort of dropped on you? Sophia: No! No, no, no, no, no. Okay, here's what happens: Blaine said that thing, like, I think Sophia should watch over the town, and the little guy in Jonathan's ear apparently -- I assume -- he seized the opportunity, and then Jonathan said, "Well, wait a minute, did you just appoint Sophia sheriff?" And there's this roar from the crowd: "No, no, no, we did not!" MG: [laughs] Sophia: And Jonathan said I was the new town sheriff. I had no idea, they had no idea. Lori: So when Blaine discussed it out loud, just in passing, Jonathan seized upon it. The producers thought it was a great idea, so they didn't want him to change his mind. Sophia: The appointment was a mistake on his part. I don't think anyone intended for me to be sheriff. MG: You mentioned the little guy in Jonathan's ear -- he had an earpiece during those Town Council meetings? Sophia: Always, always, always earpiece. Whenever he was on camera. He would always, like, stop and stare off into space. We made fun of him. MG: He seemed so natural on camera. Lori: He's a wonderful man. Sophia: At first we hated him because we associated him with imminent misery. MG: [laughs] Sophia: But then once you started talking to him he was a really nice guy. Lori: He's such a decent guy. Really, just so good to the kids and just a kind man. I have such nice thoughts about him. MG: When the Town Council was called away near the end, did you feel like that was kind of setting you up, Sophia? Sophia: No, they didn't actually throw any hurdles at me. I think they had planned to get rid of the four people ahead of time. Whoever's in charge of writing the episodes, I'm sure that was in there. Then again, it was all very cheesy. The way they described it, they made it sound so cool. And then I saw it and I realized I definitely got the better end of the bargain. MG: Like those shots where they had you come out of the bunkhouse and made you stare all steely at the camera. Did they direct you for that? Sophia: Yes. [Laughs] That was actually the only time I can remember that happening, but they had a lot of different cameras. It was fun, but it wasn't really me. It wasn't my idea.

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