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Town Hall Meeting! Jonathan again starts by taking an approval poll for the Council. It's nearly unanimous in favor. Greg even raises both hands, leaving him without one free to polish apples. And canned apples are even harder to polish. Those against? Two people: a girl we don't know, and, once again, Sophia. Her beef this time is the same, but she's a little more specific: she directly addresses Taylor and tells her to get her people into the kitchen. Taylor says they're trying their hardest, but it's so coooold, and it's so haaaard. Unsurprisingly, this cuts very little ice with the Green team, who have been covering Yellow's asses in addition to continuing to do their own jobs. Laurel even throws her fellow Council member under the bus on that one. Or rather, leaves her under the bus, since Taylor has basically been sleeping there for days. Yelling escalates, and finally Taylor says, "I'm sorry, you're just gonna have to starve." The entire town is like, "Whoa! She did not either!" Poor Zach hangs his head in the meeting, and in an interview, he complains that the town doesn't like them and nothing is getting done. Clearly someone asked him how Taylor could do better, because he answers, "Taylor could do a better job by not being on the Council." Meow! Back at the meeting, Taylor again tries laying down that dog-eared "trying our best" card along with a "we're the youngest." Michael tells her to stop using that as an excuse. He stands up and says that everyone has the potential to do their best, so don't blame their age. Everyone claps and cheers again, because as Mike said earlier, that's what you do when Michael talks. Except of course for Taylor, who's looking pretty besieged. Has anyone pointed out that the Yellow team seems to be getting the same salary no matter how much they slack off? Maybe if someone suggested adding Yellow's pay to Green's, things in the kitchen might shape up in a hurry. Because they could do that, right? Building their own society, making their own rules, all that? No? Sigh.

Jonathan decides it's time to move on, and asks if anyone wants to go home. The camera zeroes in on Emilie in the crowd, like a "find the black person" camera at the Oscars. But after a pregnant pause, the whole room breaks into cheers. In an interview, Emilie says, "When my mom told me to come here, she said to be a rough 'n' tough cowgirl. I'm gonna stay." Waitaminute – her mom told her to come? I thought parents letting kids come was bad enough.

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