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To Kill Or Not To Kill?

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Michael takes a victory lap of the town with his Gold Star. But how is Greg really taking this? "I was the obvious choice," he says bitterly in an interview. "I did the chickens, I did a hell of a lot more work than Michael did. I thought it was pretty disrespectful." Oh, grow up. Michael was a frontrunner from the very beginning last time, even before everyone knew about the Gold Star. And Greg was the runner-up this week, which makes him a shoo-in for next week unless he screws up. And it sounds a little bit like that might just be his plan. "I'm gonna do something about it," he threatens vaguely. We see Greg climbing up and perching on a fence rail, angrily trying to think what that might possibly be. If Michael is Simon, I suspect Greg might be trying to get in touch with his inner Jack.

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