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Election Day

So that leaves Yellow. Jonathan reads off the votes, until there are four for Taylor and four for Zach. And since Cody left last week and Yellow is down to nine people, the last vote will decide it. And it's for Zach. Hot damn.

"The reign of Taylor is over," Zach interviews. In the front of the Town Hall, he hollers, "Viva la revoluciĆ³n!" Which I think is a bit much for the results of a democratic election. How did this even happen? Well, here's Randi in an interview, telling us, "Taylor is a loyal friend, but I think it's time that she should let somebody else take her spot." Taylor is going to kill Randi dead. At the meeting, Taylor manages to put a brave face on despite her tears as she says Zach deserves it for being such a hard worker. As we see her switch places with Zach, she interviews, "It's gonna be hard to get used to sitting on the low benches compared to the Council sitting up on the high podium." Zach's makes his acceptance speech, in which he says that being on the Council doesn't give him any more power than anyone else, and if they have ideas, "make it a reality." Jonathan breaks up the meeting. There is really a lot of hugging. In fact, I think Laurel and Zach might be about to make out. Is that wrong?

And behind this week's closing credits, where we normally get a little clip of Jared acting goofy, it's instead Greg calling home to tell his mom about the Gold Star. I do hope that the actual conversation was longer than this teeny clip. "Amen, honey, you rock and roll," his mom says to him. I think I would have preferred the passing out.

Next week: Taylor, having been appropriately humbled by her defeat, shows us all just how much she's learned.

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