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No More Bonanza

Jonathan wraps things up. He tells the kids they've done something totally amazing over the last 40 days, and that adults can learn a lot from the 37 of them. The three who left are, he leaves unsaid, total losers. Mike's mom stands up and tells the kids she's proud of all of them, and thanks them for giving them hope for the future. Standing ovation from the parents. Jonathan milks the moment as he slowly says, "Head outside, grab your bags, and say good-bye to each other for the last time ever." And yet there's all that interview footage of the GOLD STAR winners that was clearly shot the following day, either at Bonanza City or in front of a particularly convincing backdrop at Sears Portrait Studio. Huh. Jonathan continues, "Good-bye, pioneers. We will miss you. And keep building a better world!"

The kids get up and file out past their still-seated and still-clapping parents, then mill around outside as they hug and say their farewells. Mike: "We've laughed together, and cried together, we've gone through all these experiences together and I knew that no matter what we said, there was a good chance that we probably weren't going to see each other again." In the hugfest, Mike tells Jared he'll miss him. Greg hugs Sophia and tells her he just gave her fifty grand. "Oh, I love you, Greg," she lies dutifully. He interviews, "Kid Nation proves that kids can build a community." Taylor: "Kids can do things do things on their own if they try." Other kids, she means. Mallory: "Big, small, doesn't matter what age." Laurel: "We have brains. We have opinions. We have real minds." DK: "We're not just kids. We're more than that." Sophia: "After spending 40 days with these incredible kids, I have a lot more confidence about the future of this country and the world." The hugfest continues. Poor Zach still has tomato shrapnel on his arms. Sophia tells someone, "If you ever come to Disney, give me a call. I’m fifteen minutes away." We don't see who she's talking to, so I think we can assume she means all of us. Zach: "I think we've all learned so much. We really built something. I think we really made this place a Kid Nation." Colton, Anjay, Markelle, Savannah, and Jared all echo, "Kid Nation," and Mallory wraps it up with, "Kid Nation rules!" complete with a tiny little fist pump. Take that, Iran!

And the closing credits background is a farewell singalong in the Saloon, with Eric on piano. The song sounds familiar, but that probably just means that Eric wrote it.

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