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The kids also have to assemble picnic tables from kits, using pegs and rubber mallets. Presumably these tasks are going on more or less simultaneously despite the sequential editing, because I'm not seeing a lot of the same kids who were in the kitchen with Sophia. Mike leads a group building one picnic table, and they get kind of frustrated while he fucks around underneath it trying to get things lined up properly. I'm really resisting the temptation to make a joke about Mike not being able to find the right hole here. Michael tries to tell us that this was because they didn't pick the library and thus had no how-to books. Oh, whatever. Like with an hour to build several picnic tables they would have gone to the library to look up how a fucking mallet works. Finally Mike's group gets their table together. Meanwhile, Greg is leading another small group that is having a much easier time. Mike interviews, "Greg's built a picnic table before, so he knew what he was doing. Which is...annoying." I would have said "predictable," but in my gig they're often the same thing. Finally with all the picnic tables built, they only have fifteen minutes left. Supposedly.

Everyone runs to the last sign, which is at the trash heap. It tells them that they've got to get all the garbage out of town and bury it. Otherwise the production crew will have to do it, and that's so not in their job description. The kids all glove up and start shoveling trash into wagons so they can haul it out to the landfill. Which someone has thoughtfully already opened up for them. Savannah offers DK her shovel, and he politely declines, because he's quite busy standing and watching. "I think I'm going to throw up," he says. Everyone complains about the smell and the chicken intestines and what not. But Morgan interviews that she's been dealing with garbage since Day 2, so she's used to it. Day 1, of course, was still the "Sophia throws food on the street" era. Meanwhile, Greg is busy widening the hole to make sure there's room for all the trash. He interviews that he's one of the strongest guys, which I’m sure plays into some past reward choice that I'm simply to dim to grasp. Then we see him jump on a basket to try and crush it, but all he does is fall down and hurt himself. He and Blaine keep trying to break stuff down to get it to fit. Laurel interviews that it was nice to see the town come together. As Greg does more shovel-fu, he talks about how he trusts everyone to do their jobs. Finally the town rubbish tip is empty, but Jonathan points out that they still have to bury all of it. Six or seven kids drag the last, quarter-full wagon out of town at a dead run. By the time they've spread layer of dirt over the trash that's so thin it wouldn't discourage a snail with M.S., there are only two minutes left. Everyone dashes back to town except DK, who collapses in pain. Apparently he has a tendon issue in his knees. As Jonathan tells them that they can't ring the bell until everyone's back, Greg and Blaine rush back to bodily carry DK into town. Which is weird, because in the background you can clearly see several kids just walking, in no hurry whatsoever. Jonathan tells them to hold off ringing the bell until Greg, Blaine, and DK return. Which they do. Mallory, the youngest, gets to ring the bell. And yes, they got the three big GOLD STARs. $150,000 is really not bad for an hour's work, even if you divide it by 37 kids.

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