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Taylor goes through the town, ringing a triangle to summon everyone to lunch. We only got to see her parents for a second during the big reunion sequence -- certainly not long enough to draw any conclusions, if one were so inclined. Everyone sits down outside to what looks like real food, and everyone introduces their parents to everyone else. It's like parents' day at camp, except that nobody's allowed to sue. After a while, Jonathan comes out (big ovation for Jonathan, like he did anything) and tells the kids to get their backpacks, clear out of their bunkhouses, and bring their parents to the last Town Hall meeting. This is really winding down. In keeping with the nostalgic mood, Laurel interviews that the other kids are like her siblings, the best people she's ever met, and it's going to be really sad to leave them. Jonathan reminds everyone about the three GOLD STARs, and everyone applauds. DK interviews about the weight of the decision, and shots of the other Council members thinking the same thing take us to the ads.

Jonathan rings the bell outside the Town Hall, summoning pioneers and parents alike as it gets dark outside. He has the kids drop their bags by the door and everyone heads in. "Grab a seat, Zach's dad," Jonathan says to the last guy to arrive. Fortunately, he is in fact Zach's dad. Inside, the kids are in their usual spaces, with their parents on folding chairs behind them. I always wondered why there was so much unused space at the back of the hall.

There's only one order of business at this last meeting, and it's the three $50,000 GOLD STARs. Jonathan tells the Council to go take a walk to talk about it. Outside, Greg says that the last GOLD STARs should be about not only hard work, but about making Bonanza City better. DK agrees, and names Sophia. Inside, Sophia stands up to apologize to "anybody I've bossed around, screamed at, or offended. You've all changed my life for good." I notice she's wearing her kitchen apron, which I'm sure is totally a coincidence. Greg says that Mike's a good kid. Inside, Mike tells everyone he loves them, as Greg says Mike was a good Council leader from the beginning. He just needed a little push, was all. DK is also thinking about Migle, who we see saying to the kids that they should all be proud of themselves. DK says Migle has been constantly improving. Michael mentions Anjay. Greg calls Anjay a trouper, but is thinking more about Morgan. Who we see telling everyone that they've improved on their swearing. Everyone laughs, especially Morgan's parents. "You fucking tell those little shits, bitch!" Morgan's dad doesn't say. Greg thinks Laurel is quite deserving. Laurel makes an inspiring speech of the kind Laurel is always making. Michael floats Markelle's name, and they talk about how Markelle makes people smile. Michael interviews that he wishes he had 36 more GOLD STARs to give out, and this was the most difficult decision of his life.

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