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Quickly losing interest in whether Pine-Sol or Pledge is best for the shine of the floors in the hospital basement, Massingale turns back to so-called Elmer (he's a doctor too, right? Is that Traff?) and pushes through what I think are the doors to the morgue, because there's a whole spread of food set up in what Elmer refers to as "Chez Morte." He takes off her lab coat and sits her down, ignoring the slab of former human on the gurney next to them. Opera music plays in the background, and it's a really interesting lesson learning for those of you taking a foreign language course to hear the words to "Red Dragon Tattoo" in nineteenth-century French. Why? What other song could it be? He sits down across from her. Massingale notes that this is "insane," and he tells her that he's insane when it comes to her. She tries to tell him that he shouldn't be thinking in this way, but they are interrupted by champagne and food. Elmer toasts, "To the Traffs, who never give up." Massingale counters, "To the Massingales, who never give in." To the Blaus, who never thought they'd miss recapping reality shows, because they have a lot of strong choices for who they think should be eliminated.

Hook walks Druse to the elevator, during which time she tells him, "There is a little child not at rest. And they may hear her going down that elevator." Hook asks her if she means someone from Pete's (see how I incorporated the lingo, just like that?), and she stops him in front of the elevator, over-explaining, "This is a child that is not even alive. And I think you may find out. Because you're not as closed off as some… Things have changed here at Kingdom Hospital since the last time that I was here. And something has awakened. Something evil." They step into the elevator and -- no, really -- within seconds, they hear the sound of a child's voice indicating some sort of duress. Druse hits the emergency stop, and asks, "Is it the voice of a living child?" Hook hits the screen above the elevator and climbs on top of it. He crawls into the darkness, and the music indicates it's time to be afraid. He finds a doll on the elevator roof, and then further on, a little girl sitting alone in the rafters. He drops the doll. He sees the girl. She reaches out a hand. She mutters something akin to "haaaaaaaaaallll." Scary.

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