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Physician, learn to shut your mouth

Stegman inarticulately screams and heads out. Nurse Carrie works to her strength, i.e. standing there and being completely useless. Renee finally yells at her to leave. Mona continues rocking as her mother breaks down in sobs.

And now Peter -- remember him? Tenderized upon the bumper of a large vehicle? Now walking in a shadowy dream world, singled out by supernatural forces beyond his ken for what amounts to a cosmic game of chess? Wow, that last sentence could so totally sum up 70 percent of Stephen King's protagonists. Anyway, little Mary is calling his name to wake him up. He opens his eyes and sees an antsy-looking Mary with a bell around her neck. He asks who she is; Mary introduces herself. Peter asks, "Why do you look so sad?" She explains, "I lost my dolly." Peter demonstrates his tenuous grasp on the freakiness of the situation by slurring, "Is that all?" Mary tells him, "I'm afraid." He slurs, "What are you afraid of, honey?" Oh, of that surly adolescent ghost hanging out in your monitor. He appears suddenly and snarls with his vampire teeth, and Mary cries, "Of him! Of him!"

Paul picks Mary up, and as the bell chimes, he snarls, "Leave her alone, short-time. Butt out. That'd be my advice. She's not the only one who has a bell." He makes it sound like all the ghosts are equipped with them. Someone should tell Mrs. D. Then she could stop dangling that stupid crystal around, listen for the bell, and cut to the chase with questions like, "Why can't you people make a little small talk before working around to the threats?" or "Would it kill you to say what you mean? Um. Metaphorically?" Peter gasps to Mary, "How?" and she cries, "Let Antubis help you!" before Paul claps a hand over her mouth and hustles her off. Oh, if he had an anteater, he'd be baffled in the morning. He'd still be baffled in the evening / all over his be-ed. Sorry -- I just realized I recapped a scene in which the three participants were named Peter, Paul, and Mary, and I began channeling "If I Had a Hammer."

Speaking of sounds of the 1960s (pre-hallucinogens version), "Na na na…" begins ringing out again as Rolf gets wheeled through the hospital. Elmer leans in to ask Peter, "Sleeping the sleep…of the just?" Nursque Brusque is all, "Can I get a little help here, Elmer?" He runs off, and Natalie, who appears to be dressed for a night out on the town, leans in and confides to Peter, "This place is crazy."

Peter's internal monologue is focused on helping Mary because she and Antubis saved his life. Mrs. D is talking with Nurse Dea and she finds out Mr. Stillmach has taken a turn for the worse. Hmmm…maybe it's a slow-acting death bell. The song keeps playing in the background. "He's never near you / to comfort and cheer you" plays as we see Mr. Stillmach sitting alone in a darkened room and mouthing something I can't make out. Stegman leaves to the lyric "when all those sad tears are / falling, baby, from your eyes." Otto wishes his image on the monitor a good night. As we get to "My love, my love, my love is willing," we see Bobby reading Spanking Nurses. He whispers, "Elvis has left the building" as the singers exhort us to "Go on and kiss him / goodbye." Otto looks haunted by this. Stegman gets outside, and we see that Christa and Abel have spray-painted his car with the slogan, "Physician, heal thyself."

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