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Physician, learn to shut your mouth

Meanwhile, back in the land of Rolf's hallucinations, the staff is dancing around (Nurse Von Trier finally does something usefully and break-dances. She got served!) while he sits up ramrod-straight and begins pantomiming the words. Everyone does a line dance while Rolf and his mad, bloody eyes glare up there. Rolf looks disturbed, but that could be a result of Elmer the Whitest Man on the Planet trying to shake his groove thang. Or maybe it's because the drawer his girlfriend's body is on in the morgue has opened of its own accord, and Harriet has risen from the dead to begin singing, "He'll never love you…"

Stegman continues to melt down, but the country's most clean-cut punks aren't around to laugh at his irritation. Since Abel and Christa know all, they're still able to get a good chuckle out of it down by the dishwasher. They begin dancing to "Kiss Him Goodbye." Stegman screams, "There will be reprisals for this. Reprisals!" Oooh, scary. Not.

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