Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

The next morning, Zambrono gets a rather Horse-Head-In-The-Bed-esque surprise when he goes out to feed the dogs and find poor little bloody Pepino, laid out on an elegantly set table in the middle of the yard. His blood has soaked through the table's white linen table cloth. Zambrono just closes his eyes.

Back at the hotel, Chato climbs into a large van and peeks inside a plastic barrel. He comes out, holding a brick of cocaine and smiling triumphantly. He glances down his necklace -- the one that Lupita tried to force on Miguel -- and looks proud of himself.

Speaking of Lupita, she's sitting the middle of the desert, painting a portrait of her brother and Marlene. She slices her hand open with a pocket knife and lets the blood spill into a bowl of yellow paint. She mixes the blood and paint and uses it to fill in the contours of Miguel's face. Well, that's not normal.

On Sunday: Marlene's drug addiction, revealed!

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