Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Miguel shows Zambrono out, and runs into Lupita in the foyer. She tells him that they need to talk. She's wearing a crazy outfit: a head scarf and a leather catsuit and, like, three belts. It's nuts. "You should have called first," Miguel tells her shortly. "It will only take a few minutes," she insists. Chato leans in and tells his brother that he'll take care of Zambrono. Miguel gives Lupita a dirty look, and brings her into the office. She tells him that he really needs her to advise him on how best to run La Corporacion. He doesn't really respond to this, but just fiddles with some stuff on his desk. "You're planning a very big deal," she intones, "but this deal will end very badly, unless you take this with you at all times. "She holds up a necklace with three coins hanging from the chain. Miguel scoffs. "I had a vision about it. You will lose three times what you put in unless you carry this," Lupita tells him. "I appreciate the thought," Miguel tells her shortly. "She's crazier than a shithouse rat!" his Mole chimes in. "Do not feed the foreign man," Lupita continues. "Do not feed the foreign man. Okay, I got it," Miguel responds, barely disguising the disgust in his voice. "Also, I saw a smiling face in the sky. The face is smiling, but it means danger to you," Lupita says. Dude, where's Manny? Off eating some poor slob's heart, probably. "Enough," Miguel cuts her off. "Whatever game you want to play, I'm not playing it with you. Go back to Sonora. Be with your husband." Lupita gives him a long look, and then stomps off. Miguel shakes his head.

On the other side of the border, Dr. Benben signs some papers. "Well, this was a long hard road, but I'm glad we can both just get on with our lives now," he says, looking across the coffee table at Sean Young (!) and a red-headed woman (who played a lawyer on The Wire). "I am not signing that," Sean Young drawls. Red, Esquire asks Dr. Benben if he went to the racetrack the night before. Sean Young lights a cigarette and raises a brow. Dr. Benben's lawyer -- let's call him Baldy -- yelps that they've given Sean Young everything she's asked for! "How much did you wager last night? $30,000? That sound about right?" Red, Esquire drawls. Dr. Benben yelps, as if in pain, and wonders if they've hired a private detective to stalk him or something. "I am not hiding money from you," he tells Sean Young. "Why won't you sign the damn papers?" Red, Esquire explains that Sean Young is worried that her 50% of the surgical practice will "be rendered valueless if [he] continues gambling like a bastard." Poor Dr. Benben. He really just can't win. Of course, what do you expect when you marry Sean Young? He sputters that she's just dragging this out to torture him. Red, Esquire explains that the divorce proceedings can end today, if Dr. Benben will just hand over a cash payment of $2 million dollars. Baldy whistles in appreciation of Red, Esquire's balls. "Where am I supposed to get that?" Dr. Benben asks. "You shouldn't be surprised. I talked to Diana. She told me what you said to Alan," Sean Young announces primly. Dr. Benben has no idea what she's talking about. "'F.C.'?" she asks. "'That Lorelei, she's such an F.C.'?" Dr. Benben has no idea how to interpret this. Eventually, Baldy has to lean over and translate. (I presume F.C stands for "fucking cunt.") Dr. Benben makes an appalled face. "I never called you that. I swear. I never used that word about you," he sputters. "Diana told me," Lorelei sniffs. "Diana is a LYING BITCH!" Dr. Benben yells. Hee hee. "No, no I never called you that," he says quickly. "If you want to get out of this marriage, you will find a quick way to pay me two million bucks. And then you will see this F.C. get on with her life, with bells on," Lorelei tells him. Red, Esquire gives Lorelei this hilariously outdated "you go, girl!" look as Lorelei stands up and stalks away from the table.

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