Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Dr. Benben walks down the street with him, explaining that he needs to stage a mugging so he can sue the racetrack. "You want me to beat your ass?" Junie asks. Dr. Benben nods. "But don't break anything. Particularly my nose, or my jaw," he instructs. "Hell no. This doesn't even sound right," Junie says. Dr. Benben promises that Junie's not going to get in any trouble, and offers him $2000. Junie thinks about it. "Don't you make enough money?" Junie asks. "You mean, as a surgeon?" Dr. Benben asks. "No, I mean the other thing," Junie says." I don't do the other thing anymore," Dr. Benben admits. Junie looks around and shrugs. "A'ight. I'll whup you ass," he says, and holds his fist out. Dr. Benben ducks, as though he thinks Junie is going to administer the beatdown now, then realizes what Junie wants, and hits the proffered hand with his own fist.

Hotel. Miguel enters Zambrono's room. They work out a deal: Miguel will buy out Zambrono's partnership, paying him $2.5 million in exchange for being allowed to work out of his port at Mazatlan. And so Zambrono takes his dog and leaves.

Back at the Cadena house, Joey is drawing another picture. Joaquin -- the guy with the muscles from Tuesday's episode -- jumps on the bed next to him. I think Joaquin might be Joey's nanny? I don't know. Anyway, he asks Joey about the picture he's drawing. It's a picture of Miguel, standing on the deck of a sunken ship. Joaquin observes that Miguel looks like he needs some help. "He'll be all right. He's gonna swim away." Joey explains. Joaquin nods. So, is Joey prophetic or something now? He draws dead people?

Over to the docks, which seem entirely peopled by mean-looking guys with big guns. Chato and Miguel meet Zambrono, shaking hands and exchanging vague pleasantries. Chato and Zambrono discuss their payoff, as Miguel looks into the sky. A flag with a smiling face on it flies above one of the ships. Lupita's warning echoes in his head. As soon as he looks back at Zambrono, a tank comes rolling onto the docks. It's a raid! Everyone runs! Machine-gun fire is everywhere! Run! Run! Run, Chato, run! Protect your beautiful face! Did you hear me? Cover your face!

Miguel and his cronies escape the long arm of the law, Zambrono in tow. They eventually run into a warehouse, Miguel yelling at his erstwhile partner all the way. Chato waves his gun in Zambrono's face and asks him if he remembered to pay off the authorities. "I paid everybody!" Zambrono yelps, promising to get the Cadena's merca back as soon as possible. Chato sniffs, irritated, and suggests they get the hell out of there. "I swear this is not my doing," Zambrono yells, as they all run and run and run some more.

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