Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Over at the racetrack, Dr. Benben places a bet, looking up at the security camera and then at his watch.

Junie goes out into the parking lot. "Give me your money, white man," Junie says, in a very deep voice. Dr. Benben jumps and whirls around. "Junie?" he asks. "Who did you think it was?" Junie asks. "Very funny," Dr. Benben says, and hands him a wad of cash. Junie pages through the money. "Don't count it now! This is supposed to be a mugging!" Dr. Benben yelps. "I've got to make sure it's all here," Junie says. "You think I'd shortchange you?" Dr. Benben asks. These two are quite the humorous pair. Junie finally puts the money away. "Okay, let's do this," Dr. Benben announces, and repeats his request that Junie "avoid the nose." So Junie hauls off and hits him right in the mouth. "Ow. Ow. OW!" Dr. Benben yells. Junie wrinkles his nose. "You never had your ass whupped before, have you?" he asks. Dr. Benben takes a deep breath. "Okay, good. Good, okay. One more," he says. And so Junie really clocks him. Dr. Benben goes down like a sack of potatoes. Junie looks around, a little concerned.

When Dr. Benben comes to, he's laid out in Junie's grandmother's recliner. His lip and eyelid are hugely swollen. "What happened?" he asks, weakly. "You got robbed. And my grandson found you laid out in the street," Grandma tells him. Dr. Benben looks up at Junie, who grins widely. "He figured I'd know what to do," Grandma continues, explaining that she's a retired nurse, and that she's called for an ambulance. Dr. Benben tries to tell her that he doesn't need one, and attempts, unsuccessfully, to sit up. "I can take him to the hospital, Grandma," Junie offers. "Well, good. I think you should," Grandma says. She asks Dr. Benben if he has any idea who did this to him. Junie looks innocently at the ceiling. "No. No, ma'am, I don't," Dr. Benben tells her. Grandma announces that it was a good thing that Junie found him. "Junie is a good boy. My Junie is a real good boy," Grandma brags. Behind her, Junie grins hugely. Dr. Benben just nods.

Elsewhere, Delia tries to sleep. It's really loud outside: music, people yelling, glass breaking, the whole deal. She rolls out of bed and looks out the window. A ton of people are hanging out on the sidewalk under her building, as another group is lined up in front of a warehouse across the street. She leans out the window and calls down to the people in front of her building, asking them all to shut up. "Why don't you come down here and make us, bee-yotch?" one of them retorts. "You don't want me to come down there," she yells. "Turn it off." They all roll their eyes and actually turn it up. Delia sighs. Oh, Delia. You need to move.

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