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El Velorio

Outside, Manny and Chato go for a little walk. Manny tells Chato that they've known each other for a long time, and that he wouldn't tell him what he's about to tell him if he weren't totally serious about it. "What is it, Manny?" Chato asks shortly. Manny looks at him and tells him that his men are bulletproof. "Bullets can't hurt them," he says, and asserts that he can prove it. Chato looks skeptical. "Don Beto, he doesn't believe in palo mayome, but it's real," Manny says. "Show him. Prove it to him," Chato says. But Manny would rather show Chato. Chato gives him a long look, and then shrugs in agreement.

Manny and Chato head over to the barn. Manny puts a voodoo necklace -- made of bones and little skulls know, the usual voodoo hoo-ha -- over some flunky's head, smiling all the while. The Flunky looks nervously down at the bones. Chato leans languidly against the wall and smokes. Manny draws his pistol and aims, but Chato stops him. "Not your gun. My gun," he says, taking it out of his hostler with a sassy little twirl. Manny rolls his eyes. "It's no trick. It's palo mayombe, la magia negra!" he insists. Chato gives him the "then prove it" brow raise. "The bullet will pass right through him and not leave a mark," Manny insists. "Let's see it," Chato says. Sweat runs down the Flunky's ear. Manny takes his shot...and the flunky falls backward, dead. Chato just looks amused. Manny races over to his victim, and leans down to examine him. He pulls a pair of bifocals out of his pocket for closer examination. Hee. That scene was really amusing. You know, the senseless murder of innocents aside.

General Poppy's office. "We would have worked it out. Why did you have to attack us?" Miguel asks. Poppy explains that the U.S. government was putting pressure on them to strike against the cartel. "Out of revenge for the gringo federal agent that was killed," he explains. "They wanted to take out one of your cocaine warehouses. I chose to hit an amphetamine lab. That way you lost only, what? Fifty kilos?" Poppy says. He seems to think that this will please Miguel. "I wish to remain your friend," he says. Miguel coolly offers that he wants to be Poppy's friend as well...and offers to do so to the tune of three million a month.

Miguel comes stalking out of Poppy's office muttering that the general is "lying through his teeth." I don't know who he's talking to -- the bodyguard behind him? God? His Mole? No idea. "What happened to that DEA agent? The American government wants to put that behind them as much as I do," he says. The bodyguard says something in Spanish. I think it was, "Have you had that thing on your face looked at?" "Every man has his weakness," Miguel responds.

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